The GET SPUNKY Nutrition Guide

I’m quite excited to bring this delicious guide to you.

What is it all about….

This is the perfect next stepping stone if you’ve already completed the 7-Day BOOSTER (or even if you haven’t you will still get loads from it). This is specifically all about FOOD!

The main outcomes of this Food Guide is to show you how delicious and easy eating for optimum health can be. I didn’t want to call it a detox or a diet because those words often have negative connotations around them. This isn’t about deprivation, it’s about flooding our bodies with nutrients while giving it a break from some of the common foods that can make it work harder than necessary.



I fully expect you to feel more energetic, clearer, lighter and happier after the 5 days. I also expect you to be experiencing less bloating, gas, re-flux, constipation, fluid retention and other digestive discomforts you may have previously experienced.

The Get Spunky Guide contains:

  • Over 15 nutritious and yummy recipes (including breakfasts, lunch, dinner and snacks)
  • A shopping guide
  • Pantry staples guide
  • Prep list and guide
  • Full color food pictures for all recipes
  • Written and video versions of recipes
  • Nutrition advice and information
  • Bonus recipes (including written and video)
  • Easy to understand explanations on certain food choices and cooking methods
  • Guidance on looking after your gut and liver health
  • Full colour 43 page recipe e-book
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Group for sharing, supporting, accountability, questions and so much more!

What will I be eating?!

Here is the menu….

You can check-out a couple of the recipes I’ve shared in a blog post HERE. Suss them out….see what you think.

What does it cost..?

The 5-Day GET SPUNKY Nutrition Guide is $29.90  – You get instant access to everything, so you can start when it best suits you and refer back to it whenever you want.

I can’t wait for you to try all the recipes, principles and for you to feel at your Spunkiest and most vibrant!