The SpunkyGuts Wellbeing Group

I Have a story….

A little while ago I was asked exactly what it is that I do…. and I recall going off on a bit of a tangent with my answer – not even really sure if I was answering the question. However, the person on the receiving end of my tangent responded with… “Wow, I can feel your passion. You have a pretty important message to share here”.

This actually took me by surprise. Because for a long time I didn’t really think this was anything new for people to be hearing. It was only after that I reflected on just how often I’m asked about the basics of health and well-being that I realised many people are pretty overwhelmed, confused or…. riding a slippery slope of guilt and self deprivation (myself included at times – I am in no way perfect!).

This actually breaks my heart. Why? Because I am sick to death of seeing smart, savvy guys and gals give away their power into the hands/advice of someone who makes them feel this way (guilty, overwhelmed, hopeless, incapable etc etc).

Health & well-being is one of the MOST INDIVIDUAL things in this life time. There is NO one size fits all. I’m here to show you that and give you your power back. Then watch the magic unfold and let your health and wellbeing flourish!  

I’d like to invite you to join me for my weekly Wellbeing Group!

(scroll down for all the FAQ’s)


 Okay, what exactly is it Erin..?

I thought you’d never ask! It’s a somewhat informal group once a week where I will lead the discussion on a particular topic. You’ll have the chance to ask questions, share experiences, stories and ideas so that you walk away busting with info and feeling really capable and positive about how you might make small, individual improvements to your health. I’ll also be sharing a lot of my own personal stories, battles and experiences.

Who are you and how do you know all these things?

I’m Erin (lovely to meet you!) and I’m an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Nutrition & Gut Health Mentor. I’m all kinds of nerdy passionate about health and well-being, while also being ridiculously down to earth, practical and really keen on cutting the bullshit to simplify and feel spunky! You can read a bit more about me HERE 

What kinds of things will you talk about?

Some topics I feel are on everyone’s lips at the moment include – Diets such as Paleo, 5:2, intermittent fasting, low carb, vegan; gut health, stress, shake/supplement diets,sleep, exercise, sugar, detoxing, hormonal health,  food – nutrition fundamentals, good v’s bad fats…..and I’m sure there are many more. Each week we’ll focus on one area and I’d love to hear your suggestions so we can really tailor the info that you want to hear.   

What I really want to do is have an honest discussion about many popular health topics so you can feel you have a really clear understanding on them. Nowadays everyone is an expert and this can lead to really bizarre info kicking around…. like drinking water gives you cancer, or eating vegetables will make your hair fall out, eating before 8am will make you fat….you know what I mean? I’ve been on the receiving end of being told what I ‘should’ do…because that’s the “ONLY” way you do it….. even though it truly didn’t feel right for me, and even when I stated how I felt I was told “clearly you’re not doing it properly” and thus made to feel like an utter failure. It was really unpleasant, and I refuse to ever allow anyone else to feel like that when it comes to their health. 

What else will it involve?

It’s also a fantastic opportunity for encouragement, support and accountability as you work towards your health related goals. Which, I should point out can be anything! It’s not all about weight loss (as you’ll learn) in fact a persons weight can often be a terrible indicator of health and in particular how far they’ve come – scales & talk of kg’s don’t interest me. I want to know how you feel. How your mindset has shifted and if you’re able to implement positive lifestyle changes. 

So do I have to share info about myself? That’s kind a terrifying!

Not at all – if you’re comfortable then sure. However there is no need for you to share personal information if you do not wish to or aren’t comfortable with it. Perhaps you’d prefer to chat with me privately, or perhaps you take a while to feel relaxed enough to speak up in a group – I totally get that (trust me…I’m usually that person!) this group is not about singling people out. If all you want to do is come along and listen then that is fantastic and I really do hope to see you there. 

What if I can’t make it every week?

That’s no drama at all – you can come and go as you please and as your availability allows. I don’t want anyone to feel ‘locked’into anything – perhaps it wont be for you, and that’s okay as well. 

Do I need to book in?

Nope – just come along! Of course if you have any questions you are most welcome to email me ( 

How much is it?

It is $10 per session.You can pay on the night – cash is best (you can pay in gold bars if you really want….).

What do I get for 10 bucks?

The $10 covers the venue hire and some delicious treats. Each week I will provide some healthy nibbles and a nourishing beverage. 

When and where is it?

I will hold the group every Monday evening from 7-8pm upstairs at Wild Saffron (Clare, South Australia). At this stage I will be running them during school terms. 

What if I’m not in Clare South Australia?

I am looking at holding similar workshops in (and around) Adelaide soon – if you have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch ( I also offer some online courses and workshops which may be suitable for you – check them out HERE and HERE and HERE

What if that time doesn’t suit me?

If you’re in Clare and would love to come along, but the time just isn’t right….my suggestion is that I would love to hold another time/day each week too (how fun!). I am open to suggestions and if you were able to round up 6 people (minimum, more is fine too!) who would also like to attend we could negotiate a suitable time and day – all you have to do is get in touch (

Can I bring my mum/cat/friend/lover?

Yes! You can definitely bring along anyone you may think will benefit or enjoy these sessions. Except your cat…sorry….as much as I’d love that I don’t feel its appropriate. 

Oh my god! I still have questions!!!

No problems at all – please drop me an e-mail and lets get those questions sorted!