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The smartest $25 I have ever spent

The Road ID Backstory. While out training for a marathon, a young Edward Wimmer was almost squashed by big black SUV. After his close encounter, Edward and his father Mike started Road ID in their basement. In the 15 years since then, people the world over proudly wear Road ID, […]

The New Viagra?

I felt like Jerry Maguire this week.  Not like a “you complete me” moment, nor was it having an amusing 4 year old boy tell me “the human head weighs 8 pounds”. Nope, it was the moment where Jerry resigned from his job and asked all his co-workers the famous […]

The Perfect Gym

What is the perfect gym? When you think about which elements would make the perfect gym…well…perfect – what do you think of..? Lots of nice shiny equipment? Plenty of treadmills so you never have to wait? Lots of sexy personal trainers to admire assist you? Good quality yoga mats and maximum […]