WORKSHOP: Gut Healing Foods

An entire workshop dedicated to supporting your gut health.

Gut Health is a topic I’m pretty passionate about! The state of our gut really does dictate how we feel physically and emotionally – so therefore it makes sense that we should take care of it. The world of gut health, fermented and functional foods can be a little daunting – growing bacteria in your food? We can all see how that has the potential to go very wrong – and were instantly put off even trying. 
This is where I come in (yay!) and the reason for this very workshop – I want to show you how you can start making some very simple and fuss free fermented foods at home so you can get that gut in order today! Not only is it easy, it’s safe, cost effective and…really fun! You can even get the kids involved.
During the workshop we will also chat all things gut related – so bring your questions because I’d love to help.

Right. What are we going to make?

  • Bone Broth – this liquid gold is incredibly nourishing and soothing not only for your gut but your whole body. A staple for any healthy kitchen!
  • Kombucha – you’ve probably seen it to buy and now you can make your own at home. The perfect tonic and a great soft drink/alcohol alternative
  • Gummies & jellies – such great snacks (kids love them too!) and so easy to whip up. These are fun and incredibly healing for the lining of your gut
  • Fermented non-dairy cheeses – these are so delicious and a great alternative if you struggle with dairy – or even if you don’t!
  • Taste & discussion on sauerkraut – Taste some sauerkraut and lets chat about how to make it, the benefits and also some amazing flavor combinations.

This workshop is jam-packed, you’ll leave with your very own SCOBY (so you can get brewing kombucha straight away) – not to mention feeling more open to trying some of these slightly bizarre foods. I know the thought of fermented veggies, bone broths and fermented tea can be somewhat off putting. I promise you’ll be impressed with not only the health benefits but the taste and the uses.


TBA – Keep your eyes peeled Spunkies!!!

2pm – 4pm

My Place: Sevenhill, South Australia

Tickets $40 (spaces very limited!)

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Or to host this event at your place… 

A great chance to have some fun with friends in the comfort of your own home. I’ll come to you and bring all the ingredients! We’ll use the equipment that you have in your kitchen, this way you can see just how simple it is and that you definitely do not need any fancy gadgets!

The cost to hold an at home cooking workshop is $450 (plus any travel required over 3 hours will be charged at $10/hour).

If you would love to host a workshop, I would absolutely love to come to your place and share it with you. The next step is to get in touch to discuss a suitable date, all you have to do it send an email directly to me. I can’t wait to work with you!

Please e-mail with WORKSHOP INQUIRY as the subject