What & Who Is SpunkyGuts..?

I’m Erin!

Welcome to Spunky Guts!

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A term more frequently used by Australians as part of our bizarre version of English. Spunky is used to express our delight in any number of things. Including, another persons appearance and/or attitude – “Damn…he is spunky!” or “wow, she’s got spunk”. Also, perhaps if we are feeling rather fine ourselves “I’m feeling spunky today!”.


I literally mean your guts (I’m a simple creature) and the goodness that’s on the inside….your stomach, your spirit…your liver, spleen, heart, brain, appendix (if you still have one, my apologies if you don’t), soul (as per last brackets), the skin you’re in baby!

But SpunkyGuts is more than just a snazzy name. It’s got some serious passion behind it and a mission to help you, and the people you know and love (hell, even the ones you don’t!) to cut through the bullshit and limiting beliefs that being Healthy, Fit & Happy is complicated, shitty, hard work.

Because it’s not. Or at the very least it doesn’t have to feel like it.

I am all about simplifying the way you approach your health and well-being. Making it work for YOU and providing you with solid information to allow you to make informed decisions. No more following fads, and trends and the latest and greatest health craze in the hope of dropping 8kg..umm….like 3 days ago.

I don’t believe in diets.

I don’t believe in measuring our health by the number on the scales.

I don’t believe in obsession and restriction.

I don’t believe in perfect.

I don’t believe in fairies. (Ha! Nearly had you…of course I do!)

I don’t believe we can afford to ignore our health.

I don’t believe we are meant to be sick, fat, miserable and dull.

…and I don’t believe we should have to go it all ALONE!

SpunkyGuts is about inspiring you to cook healthy delicious food at home; to get your butt outside, breathe the fresh air and perhaps even do some kind of physical activity! It’s about supporting you to make small simple changes, practical stuff that fits with YOUR lifestyle.

It’s also about helping you to not be so bloody hard on yourself! To let go of the guilt, negative self-talk and self-sabotage that leaves you drained, de-motivated and reaching for “insert-your-preferred-unhealthy-vice-for-when-you-can’t-cope here”  (some nice examples include – chocolate, talking about how shit your life is, beer, mindless TV, wine, being grumpy, bitching and gossiping, greasy fried foods…oh I could go on!).

I believe in intuitive health – deep down we all know what we should be doing to feel better, be healthier and truly cherish the skin temple we live in. But, most of us have no clue how to even fathom that, let alone try it. We’ve been bombarded by social media, fads, information, studies, trends, scare tactics, sugar, big money corporations, Today Tonight, big pharma, structure, society pressure, toxic chemicals, accessibility, junk-food….the list goes on and on.

Let’s get back to basics.

Let’s simplify & empower your approach to nutrition, exercise and happiness.

Let’s do it with fun, light, a sense of humor and the full awareness that we are all just doing the best we possibly can right now.

THAT it worthy of a fist bump!

*fist bump now…go onnn!*

So come hang-out. It’ll be fun, and you might just start to feel spunkier too.

I’d love to see your spunky face over on the Facebook page – Let’s connect!

Fun facts… (actually, some of these just feel like down right bragging….)

I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement & Health Studies.

Rarely a month passes without me being tagged in some kind of crazy-cat-lady/cats-4-life type meme. This makes me deeply uncomfortable and happy all at once. 

I’m working on my Associate Diploma in Nutritional Science, and I’m obsessed with gut health and the complexities of our biochemistry!

I also have my certificates in relaxation massage, Better Balance (exercise for falls prevention), Power Boat level II License and am proficient in safety and emergency protocols for seagoing vessels (seriously…I’m not even kidding on that one!).

I worked as professional Yacht crew for about 5 years, you can read more about that HERE. During this time I worked in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Holland), the USA, the Bahamas, Turkey, Malta and even a brief 36 hours in Tunisa (interesting…).

I have a slight obsession with tea, indoor plants and podcasts.

I have run 2 half marathons. I was aiming for a third in April 2017….but some injuries have pushed that goal back a bit

I speak to my pets (and my family members pets) like they are people, and they all have their own special voice. It’s a cute endearing quality…obviously. 

I love coffee even if it doesn’t always love me back – we have sporadic love affairs!

I really struggle to spell diaoreeha …dioreoha….Dammit!…..(spell check)…. DIARRHEA… Why do I need to be writing this on a regular basis…? It’s called studying nutrition.

Dark chocolate and peonies make me smile (….just sayin’….)

I really do feel lucky to live where I do – my favorite place in the world (and I’ve seen a lot of it) is still my spot, on top of a hill out the back of Auburn, South Australia.

Covering My Ass…

Disclaimer… Please note that these are my opinions and ideas. Although I am educated on ‘health stuff’, it is, as we know, always best if you have any concerns at all to get the advice of your preferred health care professional(s). Or you’re mums. Mums always know best.

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