HOW TO: Home-brew Kombucha

I LOVE making my own Kombucha!

It’s honestly so easy and its way cheaper than always buying it. Check out the video for all my handy hints and tips so you can get brewing today! 



Just in case you don’t have supercharged memory or, you didn’t have a pen handy here’s the ingredients/measurements…

1/4 Cup of Organic Sugar (coconut sugar or rice malt syrup are fine too)

2 Tea Bags (any kind – generally best to start your first batch with black tea)

1 L of Water Freshly Boiled (500ml if you are making your own SCOBY for the first time)

1/2 Cup of previously brewed kombucha (you don’t need this if you are adding the store bought kombucha to make your very first SCOBY)

Remember to allow the brewed tea to cool to room temp before adding your kombucha and SCOBY. 

Cover and allow to ferment for 5 – 14 days (depending on the current temperature at your house AND your personal taste preferences)

THEN….have fun with flavors!

If you got a buzz out of learning about how to brew your own ‘buch at home why not share on Facebook or Insta (buttons below)….perhaps you could even have a brewing club! And get really serious about your ‘buch, protective of your secret flavor ingredients and maybe even create a secret handshake….oh the possibilities!!!

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