What Exactly Are Your Intentions…?

After last weeks post on my reflections of 2016 I thought its only fitting to follow it up with my 2017 intentions.

I’ve never been one for setting resolutions. Goals, sure. But I find resolutions tend to immediately put you into the frame of mind that you’ll be “going without” something – and to be perfectly honest I think that’s bullshit.  Life is here for living, which is why I’m a big believer in balance and the good old 80/20 rule. Cake on your birthday..? ALWAYS!

As I chose 3 words to neatly and appropriately describe my 2016 – I thought it might be nice to choose 3 words to guide and set the tone for 2017. It’s going to be interesting as the end of 2017 rolls around (blink too slowly and we’ll be there I can guarantee it!) and I reflect on them yet again. Perhaps I’ll wonder what the hell I was thinking in January 2017. I’m hoping I’ll want to high five and fist bump the shit outta my January 2017 self.

Only time will tell.

So without further a-do these are my words for 2017…

Empowering | Heart | Fun!

‘Cause if it’s not FUN….(now or in the future) what’s the point?

If it’s only EMPOWERING others, how does that help me…?

Where possible using both head and HEART can only ever be a great thing. 


What do you think? I think I’m in for an exceptional year.

How do you want your 2017 to look and feel? What are your goals or intentions?

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