Okay, I Think We’re Done Here!

Done with 2016 that is.

Holy shitballs it’s been a big one hasn’t it? A tough one..? A challenging one perhaps? Yep, I hear you. For me personally it’s been full of unpleasant stuff and all of the lessons. Like…freakin’ all of them! I made a decision earlier in the year that my priority in among all this shitty stuff is to come out as a better person – “It’s now all about me” I recall saying. Whatever that takes to get there I need to do it; and I did.

Often a time of reflection and throw-away New Years resolutions, I like to reflect back and choose 3 words to describe my year. So I though I might share them with you here:



Allow me to share a little….

I decided I wasn’t going to go back overseas and work on yachts; I had to find a land based job; I had to re-assemble my life back at home in Australia and I had to do all this solo. My relationship of 6 years ended earlier this year. Hard doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’m sure we’ve all had that moment(s) where everything crumbles down around you….and you’re left standing there wondering

What the fuck?!


“Where do I even start?

….and more than likely…

“Do I even have a bucket big enough to collect all these pieces..?

The answer is no…you don’t, and that’s a good thing – also known as personal growth. So what did I do? I put my big girl knickers on, found my bucket and just started, bit by bit. Also not easy but I had no choice – sink or swim baby! I should point out there were days (…weeks..?) were I sank….I’m only human.

One of the biggest and most (surprisingly) healing things I did was move into my own place. I know this probably seems trivial to most of you, however after working on yachts for about 5 years having your own home, space, bathroom, peace and quiet…entire freakin’ house (!!!) is an absolute godsend. This decision didn’t come easily for me (for a number of reasons) not to mention I had never lived by myself for an extended period umm…ever. Look at me now….nailed it!

Moving home after being away for an extended period was a massive adjustment in itself, one I hadn’t necessarily given much thought. The number of times I felt suffocated and drawn to pack a bag and “just go” was a little shocking. I’m pleased to say that instinct has settled right down, now I’m being more civilized about it and planning an overseas holiday.

Adjusting to life back at home also meant that I had to get to know friends and family again, rebuild my relationships. This was hard. Even though “nothing had changed”…..everything had changed. Especially me. I was desperately wanting things to be the same as they were 6 years ago….how could I expect that of friends and family when I myself was not the same person as I was 6 years ago. That was a tough lesson.

Finally, I have learnt to trust myself again. When I say this I am referring to a number of things. However one of the biggest learning curves was trusting my instincts when it comes to what I know and believe regarding health, fitness, diets, nutrition, lifestyle, wellness etc etc. I know more than I often give myself credit for – I recall earlier in the year after trying to follow a certain way of eating, and trying to lose weight and feel ‘better’, and improve my running performance – I was doing all the things someone else was telling me I should do – and when it wasn’t working I was “doing it wrong”. The whole time I had this nagging feeling that something just wasn’t right…and then I realised I had become pretty obsessive and far too strict with what I was and wasn’t eating. It had made me anti-social too. That was a massive wake up call – mainly because all of a sudden I had become the dieter and obsess-er I avoid at all costs. So….I let go, and started looking after my body and mind properly (without strictness, obsessions, rules and regulations, fear and guilt) and whaddya know….I lost weight, I had more energy, I felt clearer and….and….I felt happy.

I’m definitely not the person I was in January 2016. I’m better, I’m more “Me” than I’ve possibly ever felt. To all the “people” – friends, family, unicorns, confidants, practitioners, spirit guides, trainers and the ones who probably don’t even realise just how much they helped me – THANK YOU.

I’m really looking forward to 2017 – I’m feeling excited and inspired. Which is a big deal because I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this coming into a New Year.

I’d love to hear what your 3 words for 2016 are….it’s amazing how 3 words can tell you so much about a person and their story (I love your stories by the way!). Share them here or pop me a quick e-mail (info@spunkyguts.com).

So here’s to 2016 – all that is was and all that it was not. Get your butts ready Spunkies….open your eyes and your hearts….2017 is going to be a freakin’ cracker!!!

Happy New Year Spunkies xoxo


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