Cake cravings..? No worries! No oven..? No worries!

Let’s be honest…sometimes you Just Need Cake. I have no doubt you can relate. The trouble is the traditional cake situation really isn’t supportive of your healthy lifestyle. And let’s not even get started on feeding (both literally and metaphorically) the worlds sugar addiction – it’s a big arse vicious cycle (that, coincidentally leads to a..ahem…big arse).

The thing is you can have your cake and eat it too – with a few adjustments to typical recipes you can replace refined ingredients for more wholesome ones. That’s the key here, I don’t want to sap all the fun and deliciousness out of cake. What’s the point in that. I merely want to provide an option for the people who chose to eat more nutritiously dense food as a priority.

I should point out that I absolutely condone enjoying proper cake, lashings of icing, gooey chocolate filling kind of cake. On special occasions. Like your birthday (note…your birthday happens once a year…just FYI). 

This ‘recipe’ is all about making do with what you have on hand in this moment. Including ingredients and utensils. I want you to see that cooking doesn’t need to be difficult, time consuming or requiring special trips to the market.

Allow me to set the scene….

I was staying in a one bedroom apartment in Marmaris Turkey, it was a comfortable but very simple home. My kitchen consisted of a few basic items – a pot, a pan, a kettle, an electric 2 plate ‘stove’, a chopping board, a few salad bowls, a small fridge and a wooden spoon or 2. That is it, and you know what? I made it work and fed myself particularly well (I’ll share a few more posts on this soon).

One day I wanted cake. But I didn’t have an oven. Or a cake pan. I also wanted a wholesome cake, so popping down to the shop to buy one was NOT an option. Yes, it was a frantic 4 minutes. But I’m a grown woman dammit and I found a way!

This was my ‘oven’ and cake ‘pans’….


More of a steamer really. I used a large pot on my electric hot plates, popped some hot water into the base (just enough to come up a third of the way on my ‘pans’). The pans..? Greased tea cups for the perfect single serve cake.

What went into these delicious single serve cakes you ask? Well, whatever I had on hand really. The rough quantities below made 2 suitably generous banana teacup cakes.

  • 2 Tbspn Rice flour (you could use any flour)
  • half a banana – mashed 
  • a pinch of Bicarb soda
  • honey to taste (or your preferred sweetener)
  • coconut milk – enough to form a thick cake batter (or your preferred milk)
  • a generous teaspoon of tahini (nut butter would be fab here too
  • Optional: nuts, seeds, choc bits, berries…anything to add extra flavor and texture!
This cake also included some dark chocolate chunks!

After I mixed my batter together I filled my teacups, carefully placed them into gently simmering water, put the lid on my pot and let them cook. As for cooking times and temps….I don’t know. I kept a close eye on the water to make sure it was never boiling and splashing everywhere, adjusting my electric hot plate as required. It took around 30 minutes for the cakes to be cooked through.

You’re right, it’s not a very ‘instant gratification’ kind of recipe. But, I have no doubt you could cook these babies faster in a proper oven or even your microwave. For the purpose of my lack of either of those things this was a very good option.

I should also point out that steaming cakes makes them so lusciously soft and moist. I honestly felt very decadent eating my nutritious cake and didn’t even notice that they weren’t full of sugar, butter and white flour.

I absolutely encourage you to use the recipe guide above to create your own single serve cakes (using a proper oven). You could even make them into chocolate cakes by adding a tablespoon of cacao power and a little extra milk to combine – so yum!

Here’s to making cake and eating it too!



If you’re after more delicious, gut and liver healing recipes I highly recommend you check out my Get Spunky Nutrition Guide – it is chockas with the goods! Read more HERE


  1. One of my favorite SpunkyGuts articles ever!
    Making do with what you’ve got is a skill everyone can benefit from. Cakes in teacups, of course!

  2. This is awesome! Even though I have an oven and a microwave, I kinda want to try it stove top-style! 🙂

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