The Fridge Surprise. The New Black.

Or old black….I know it’s been popping up on social media and health advocates radars for a while now. Fridge dregs and pantry dust bunnies. Uttering ‘food waste’ these days is sure to get people up on their soap box. Me included. Sorry…. (it’s not very high…don’t worry)

I DO NOT like nor appreciate waste-fullness when it comes to food. And I believe for the most part it’s avoidable.

When faced with random food ingredient things I can generally throw together a pretty tasty and nutritious feed. Using what’s on hand to create a meal is something that I just do. It’s just SOP for me (standard operating procedure….like LOL but with out the laughing). I tend to assume that every one is capable of fridge surprise.


It’s been brought to my attention that perhaps not everyone out there is kicking Fridge Surprise ass day in day out. This makes me sad.

“What’s for dinner tonight?” an annoyingly common phrase from most households on most nights of the week. Right? Which is then followed by looking in the fridge. Finding nothing in the fridge (there’s rarely truly nothing in the fridge). Asking what might be desired by those participating in the meal. “I want Thai noodles with sesame chicken!”. Of course…. A recipe hunt ensues. Recipe is found, along with 64 ingredients you don’t have. Nor will the local supermarket or fresh market. By this stage everyone is tired, emotional and hungry. 20 minutes later cheese and tomato toasties are being happily devoured.

Now. Don’t get me wrong. Cheese and tomato toasties are spectacular, they do serve their purpose in this universe. Especially when you’ve been out at sea for 4 days, the weather’s been rough and its cold and windy…totally soul food. But unfortunately they aren’t likely to help you cut a ripped physic. Or provide a nutritious and balanced meal.

I don’t follow recipes for the majority of the cooking I do. I look at them for inspiration and ideas, but rarely follow them for day to day meals. I cook based on what I have available and what was excellent at the market that week. What tickles my fancy.

Personally I feel that relying on recipes means you experiment less, get stuck in your ways, rely on needing specific ingredients and spend loads of time in the kitchen. Blah, that’s crap.

I believe we should all have more time to spend sitting in the sun with a cup of peppermint tea. Or re-modelling our grandpas lawn mower. Because these are things we love.

Fridge surprise will help you cook more intuitively, waste less food and eat more veggies. Cut the crap. Get healthier and be more spunky.

I’ve got a few tips and tricks that will make using up random things easier and to also help you be more confident in the kitchen.

I’m here to guide and inspire you (that’s the plan anyway).

Good Karma is just around the corner….hit share and see what he has to offer…..

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