It’s Time We All Embraced the ‘Un-Recipe’

I’m not a huge recipe person.

I’m also not a horse person.

Like horses, recipes certainly have their place in this world. And I totally respect that.

I however like to live on the wild side and ‘wing’ many creations in the kitchen. Call me crazy or call me Bob…it’s just the way I roll. We can all agree that a recipe is telling us what to do, yes? Such a bossy bastard. I’ve never really liked being told what to do (especially in writing and bullet points), so obviously this is where my aversion to recipes comes in. Recipes constrict me like a skivvy that’s a size too small.

I love a throw together meal. Never really knowing if what I’ve just prised from the bottom of the fridge and the dusty, dark depths of the cupboard are going to be fit for human consumption.

Or going the copy cat meal after seeing a drool inducing pic on which ever social media I’ve been wasting days on. After discovering I dont actually have any of the required ingredients, I proceed to just make do with what I have. Lo-and behold… I end up with something more amazing. Go me.

Now, I should be totally honest here. I DO still use recipes.  But….didn’t you just….

Yes. I did just. Hear me out. I love recipes for inspiration (especially the pictures), I love them for a rough guide and I love them for teaching me what flavors can be friends. I love them for baking and desserts in particular.

When I’m cooking (everyday) this is how I use recipes…

Say I’m wanting to make something that I haven’t ever made, or that I have no idea how to make. For example….Turkish Borek.  My mate Google helps me find a few different recipes for Borek. I get the general idea of what goes into it, the common method and also the usual oven temperature and time of cooking.

From here 9 times out of 10 I will use ingredient substitutes (depending on what I have on hand), alter quantities or make additions based on what I like or think might work. I often swap ingredients for more wholesome ones, or ones that are more exotic and imported from Mongolia.

Having done this for a number of years now….I’m pretty good at it. My strike rate of great meals versus crap ones is very good. And you know what..? I want to teach the word how to embrace the Un-Recipe way of cooking. Cooking using our instincts.

Yes, maybe this is my way of justifying why you wont be getting loads of lovely recipes with each meal I share. I hope you can forgive me. Along with being lazy I don’t have time to write down how I made this, or that. I also have a tendency to just forget. I’m in the moment you see.

What are the benefits of going the ‘Un-recipe” route…

  1. You learn what flavors work and what doesn’t (*tip bacon works with everything!)
  2. You eat more wholesome and healthy food
  3. You have more time to waste on social media as you’re not panicking about finding a recipe for tonight plus all the necessary ingredients
  4. unleash your creative beast (or fairy…mines a fairy) and no longer feel threatened by your fridge
  5. Impress everyone with your ability to effortlessly throw meals together
  6. minimize waste. (This is a HUGE one for me) The savvier you can be with your left overs the less you’ll be throwing out perfectly good food. 

So join me on the SpunkyGuts journey to making cooking and eating easier and healthier. It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. In fact simple really is best.

I’ll be sharing plenty of food stuff. I’ll share ideas and general guides as to how I made something. I’ll share some average pictures taken from my phones camera too.

And perhaps….occasionally there will be a recipe.

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