I’m annoyed. Really annoyed.

I’ve been contemplating the online health and wellness industry of late.

The more I think about it the more pissed off I get.

These are some of the things that spring to mind…

Obsession, Guilt, Desperation, Negativity, Competition, Confusion, Out of Touch, Labels, Disappointment…

I think this paired with general media hype and the bullshit across social media is why I’ve not been very motivated to show up on SpunkyGuts. Plus I’ve been completely pre-occupied with my road trip holiday (awesome), having a pre mid-life-crisis crisis (less awesome) and buying hiking boots (getting there).

I’m over how showy, fake and excessive being healthy has become. How complicated it’s made out to be. If I feel like this…I hate to think how you might be feeling. Despite hungry…cause I’m damn sure that’s top of the list if you’ve been relentlessly following some of these ridiculous ‘health & fitness’ programs.

Go have a snack.

I don’t want SpunkyGuts to give the impression that leading a healthy life is radical or unattainable for the average guy or gal (aka YOU).

I don’t want you to feel that what’s shared on here is only for fitness fanatics, the yoginis, green juice drinkers, ‘hashtag’ fitspo instagramers or meditation gurus.

They can f#@k off.

I want to provide solid information to allow you to make your own (informed) decisions based on what YOU know about YOUR body and lifestyle. You should feel inspired (passionate even) about your own health and about your families health.

Not confused.

Here’s what I’m going to do…

SpunkyGuts will go off-line for a while.

I want to make some changes and in order to do them properly I feel this is the best move. I don’t want to shock anyone if they log on and find the site naked, dripping wet and tip toeing down the hall in search of a towel.

SpunkyGuts down for reno

I might still pop in on Facebook and Instagram. I might not. We’ll see. You can however still get in touch via Facebook or e-mail (spunkyguts@outlook.com) – but please no more marriage proposals….I’m getting overwhelmed!

For now eat your veggies and aim for amazing.

Peace & pancakes  (…mmmmm pancakes…)

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  1. Amen sista! Looking forward to the next chapter xx

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