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Sam from Samantha Callery Personal Training.

This is Sam. She is one driven gal from country South Australia who is making a fabulous splash on the health and fitness scene in London where she is currently living. Sam is a qualified personal trainer and has worked in a number of countries building her expertise and love for everthingย fitness and health.

Sam has just launched her “Ultimate Bikini Body” program, which she has developed to help women all over the world achieve their health and fitness goals. I have had the pleasure of working with this spunky chick a few years back and so I am very excited to have her on SpunkyGuts.

Now, let’s find out THREE

Things that make you jump out of bed every morning?ย 

  1. My job; I absolutely love what I do and helping people achieve their goals
  2. ย My clients; because they are the most inspirational and driven people I know and I always look forward to seeing them in every session, and last but not least…
  3. My friends and family; family and my small group of close friends are the most important and what would life be without them? ๐Ÿ™‚

Things that make you feel at your spunkiest?

  1. Healthy eating; itโ€™s so true that you have to fix your body from the inside out and when I eat well my skin glows, I have more energy and I just feel so much better! I had acne for years growing up and tried every treatment you can think of. Once I became a trainer and was more conscious of what I ate I realised that nutrition and hydration is the cure! Now my skin has never been so vibrant and healthy.
  2. The people around me; positive people make for a positive mind and a positive life and surrounding yourself with these type of people each and every day will not only make you feel on top of the world, but it will help you achieve anything you put your mind to.
  3. Active living- When I am moving around, working out 5 days a week and on my feet from 5am- 9pm I can honestly say I feel amazing. When I am stuck behind my computer or having to travel sitting down for long periods of time I feel so blah! I take my hat off to those who work behind a desk all day; I think my short attention span probably contributes to this too though ๐Ÿ™‚

Things that have instigated healthy changes to your lifestyle? What were those changes?

  1. As I mentioned, my skin was a huge problem for me throughout my teenage years. After exhausting every option of creams and pills, I turned to healthy eating which was suggested to me by a lady I would see for a massage every now and then. With this advice combined with my knowledge from my fitness course, I cured my own acne!
  2. From my experience with clients and my own weight fluctuating over the years I was really sick of having to โ€˜watchโ€™ what I ate and hear my clients come to me wanting to try a new โ€˜diet.โ€™ It is just as important to have a healthy mind set as it is to have a healthy body. Therefore, I kicked the diet to the curb and encouraged my clients to do the same thing. No diet can do for you what healthy eating does. Everything in moderation is okay to an extent, and carbs are not the enemy! By changing your mind set to a healthier state, it is much easier and becomes more natural to control day to day habits.
  3. I rarely drink alcohol. Water retention, fluctuating weight, holding weight around the stomach and slower body fat % loss is all affected by alcohol consumption. I started to see a pattern with clients I was meeting and realised that most people who drank found it much harder to lose weight. This is because the liver controls metabolic functions that happen within the body and damaging the liver with a toxin like alcohol slows down these functions! Now I rarely drink and encourage my clients to do the same thing.

Health/fitness/wellness tips and tricks that you use?

  1. Drink water as soon as you wake in the morning. If you have lemon handy, throw some in too. It will stimulate your metabolism and kick start your body for the day.
  2. I always carry snacks with me so that when I get hungry I can just reach into my bag. There are so many coffee shops and convenience stores that make it very easy to grab the wrong thing too quickly such as a flapjack (oat bar) or fruit bars. Keep some nuts and a piece of fruit on you!
  3. Don’t eat dinner too late (before 7pm if your schedule allows), it gives your body time to break down food before going into ‘recovery’ mode whilst sleeping.

Foods you love to eat everyday?

  1. Fruits- Because they are delicious and provide me with a sweet fix! I feel so much better after eating a piece of fruit than junk food.
  2. Rice cake with peanut or almond butter- all time favourite snack, I have to control myself to only have one!
  3. Muesli, berries and yoghurt- my favourite breakfast! All the goodness you need to get you going for the day.

Things from your Bucket List you would like to share?

  1. Visit the Maldives – My favourite one to share with you because I have ticked this one off already and lived there for 2 years, on an amazing resort doing the job I love! I have added to my bucket list to go back to the Maldives AGAIN but next time for a holiday, or maybe honeymoon ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Open my own gym – I am almost there!!!! My partner and I are opening our own fitness studio in a shopping centre in the heart of Notting Hill, London. By the new year I hope to tick this one off too.
  3. ย A safari in South Africa – My partner is South African, so hopefully we can visit and do this in the next few years too!

Things that will always make you smile?

  1. My partner, David! Cheesy, I know! But, itโ€™s true ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. My family – I miss them so much being on the other side of the world, so when I speak with them it always makes me smile and appreciate them even more.
  3. Puppies! I am dog obsessed, and love watching TV shows like RSPCA and the Animal Planet channel. My housemates always know when I have been watching television when they turn it on and Animal Planet comes on! The cuteness of a puppy will always make me smile, I just cant wait to have my own one day!

If you would like to know more about Sam’s “Ultimate Bikini Body” program (available online) or for practical and encouraging tips & advice on all things health you can find her on Facebook, Instagram and her website.

Thanks for sharing Sam ๐Ÿ˜€

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