The smartest $25 I have ever spent

The Road ID Backstory.

While out training for a marathon, a young Edward Wimmer was almost squashed by big black SUV. After his close encounter, Edward and his father Mike started Road ID in their basement. In the 15 years since then, people the world over proudly wear Road ID, including hundreds of customers who have left testimonials on the Road ID website.

Edward initially designed Road ID with fellow runners and cyclists in mind. However, Road ID isn’t just for runners and cyclists…

It is for any human who leaves the house.

Anyone who exercises. Healthy though we are, our bodies can fail. Plus, half the world are below average drivers.

Anyone who travels, especially to foreign countries. Travel is exciting, educational and totally worthwhile, yet the risks are ever present.

Anyone who sometimes parties too hard. We have all been there and done it, but some people never leave.

Anyone elderly or forgetful. We all know this results in too many sad stories.

Small children. The simplest distraction can make them wander away in a second.

Furry friends (I’m talking about dogs, cats, rabbits etc….not your hairy cousin!) Really, pets? Absolutely, pets get lost more frequently than children. Micro-chipping is excellent, but you don’t need a machine to read a Road ID.

Thankfully it doesn’t happen very often, but we all know life can take a wrong turn at any moment.

“Oops!”   pic via pinterest

In the past all I took on a run was my iPod. That’s it. No phone. No money. Certainly no identification. I thought nothing of it.

However, if an accident or emergency happened, nobody would know who I am. As you would expect this left me feeling rather uneasy.

This HAD to change quick smart. The easy solution was ordering a Road ID (as did a bunch of my friends). Road ID is simple, affordable ($25, delivered) and provides piece of mind for myself and those who love me.

My fabulous pink Road ID.

In most cases, Road ID is a wristband (like mine above, although the pink is optional!) with selected emergency information. Providing your arm isn’t completely chewed off by a dog, emergency personnel will know who you are and who to inform that you were attacked by a poodle. Plus, when you choose the Interactive ID they have access to other crucial info also.

In addition to wrist bands there are ankle bracelets, shoe tags and military style dog tags. Plus actual dog tags for your poodle (or pussycat, rabbit, kangaroo etc).  Of course there is also Road ID for small children, because you can’t stop kids being kids.

You don’t just get choices regarding colour and style, the overall Road ID concept has two main versions. The Basic ID or the Interactive ID. Quite simply, the basic has your name and basic contact info and room for a message (I Am Diabetic for example….or something motivational like Never Give Up).

The interactive ID goes several steps further. While the poodle is happily chomping on your severed arm somewhere in the distance (the arm without the ID thankfully), the ambulance personnel kick into action. They read your ID and then contact Road ID via a designated phone number or website. They provide a serial number and PIN which is hidden on the underside of your Road ID. Voila, they have your emergency information and can respond accordingly.

 “No poodle, you cannot have my other arm!”

What information is available to them? Whatever you choose to provide. Multiple contact people, medical history, insurance policies, anything you think is useful.

What happens when the information changes? Log in and update your info on their website.

The interactive ID was the clear winner for me.

SpunkyGuts is now an approved ROAD ID affiliate! Woohoo!

Why did I apply to be an affiliate?

  1.  I proudly wear my Road ID all day, every day. I think it’s awesome and can’t imagine life without it 🙂
  2. Because the ID is so awesome I want to tell everyone about it. If I love it, I’m confident you will too.
  3. The most important reason…Road ID is wonderfully simple and could save your life when something goes unexpectedly wrong. You can’t put a price on that!

Disclaimer! Being an affiliate means that in return for promoting their product (which is awesome on it’s own), they provide me a small commission on sales. Spreading the word is my personal gain, but if you buy ten thousand I will enjoy a nice holiday!

Road ID for everyone! pic via

With Road ID you can encourage loved ones to explore the world beyond their front door, while helping keep them safe in the process.

Ready for the smooth talking high pressure sales pitch? Sorry, you won’t find one here.

Road ID is a great concept all year round, however Christmas is coming and you know the drill… As far as gifts go, Road ID is thoughtful, useful, simple and affordable (mine was $25, delivered). Thankfully they also look good, generating many positive comments and conversations.

Know a runner, cyclist or outdoor adventurer? Give them a Road ID.

Know someone elderly, someone forgetful? Give them a Road ID.

Know someone who parties too hard? Give them a Road ID.

Know someone who travels to other countries? Road ID.

Know a child who doesn’t listen to Mum and Dad? Give them a smack and tell them to be quiet. Sorry, the politically correct suggestion is give them a Road ID (and encouragement of course) 😉

To view the Road ID website, simply click HERE.

Stay safe Spunky People! 

PS: if you don’t know what info to have engraved on the ID, simply order a Gift Card and let your loved one decide. It’s that easy!

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