Fancy Friday! – short ‘n’ sweet :D

So, I’m keeping it short and sweet this week.

2011-04-26 Marsh Harbour, Bahamas (496)
Pure bliss – The Bahamas a few years back


No fluff.

Pure fancy.

A shopping find!

I found fresh organic turmeric at the Bio store this week. Cool! I’ve not tried fresh turmeric so obviously I felt a bit fancy when I spotted it. My fingers are now also fancy with the stain of the bright yellow coloured spice.

Fresh turmeric pic via pinterest

That smell….

Ha ha ha…no not that kind of smell! The smell of the air in the evenings when I duck outside to get to my cabin. It’s got a familiar essence. Winters at home in Australia. Cool crisp air, clean and fresh with a hint of wood smoke. Just divine! And it feels so good to breathe it in. So fancy.

That smell….. pic via pinterest

It’s nearly time ๐Ÿ˜€

Just over ONE week until I see my main man. That. Is fancy.

Beautiful memories

The picture up top is from the Bahamas a few years back. Such a magical place. The ocean, the sand, the whole….vibe really. Remembering that I was lucky enough to experience such a beautiful place is full of fancy.

Told you it would be short and sweet.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you have had a wonderful day. If you don’t, I still hope you had a wonderful day.

pic via pinterest

In fact, I guess Fancy Friday is kind of a mini ‘Thanksgiving’ every week. Time to reflect onย all the things; big, small, significant, mundane or just plain weird that make you feel grateful, happy and FANCY!

Have a rockin’ week-end SpunkyGuts!

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  1. Freshly grated turmeric on salad, yoghurt and fruit, in smoothies, in stir fries….the more you use it the more you enjoy it! Thankfully our Farmers Market has fresh organic every week.

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