Fancy Friday! – Three, Two, One……FANCY!

It’s truly amazing what can happen in the space of a week. In the blink of an eye things can turn a complete ‘one-eighty’.

Just over a week ago I had 2 jobs to contemplate, then just one –  I was pretty happy with that. Then – no job. Common theme when you have an owner who has weird ideas in his head suddenly made alternative plans for the boat through winter.  

Don’t worry this hasn’t fazed me much. As they say – perception is all in the eye of the beholder. You know my perception is steered toward FANCY 😉

Done! pic via pinterest

So without further chit chat….on to the fancy of the week that was.

New Opportunities

My schedule is clear. No commitments in the near future. So naturally my head is swimming with ideas (both a good and bad thing). Ideas are fancy. I’m seeing this as an opportunity to perhaps get my butt organised and do some things I’ve talked about doing, but never got around to. One of those things is an intensive Yoga retreat – immerse myself into yoga, really see what my temple (…my body) is capable of. Doing something just for me. Fancy. Oh and I am open to any suggestions or recommendations you may have regarding yoga retreats 🙂

pic via pinterest

“Life with no knowledge is death is disguise” 

Seemingly this quote is from an american rapper named Talib Kweli.  I’d never heard of him until today. I know this quote from the squat track on one of my Body Pump play lists (from when I used to instruct this exercise class)…but that’s beside the point. The point is that the prospects of doing further study is filling me with fancy. Fancy is good. Knowledge is good.

pic via pinterest

Starting a count down

For what you say..? For when I get to see the one and only Mr SpunkyGuts. In the flesh! We’ve been working in different countries for the past 4 months. I’m sure you can understand this is very fancy.


Have you ever tried a chestnut..? For a foodie who always tries anything, I hadn’t. Until this week that is, and I’m so glad I did. What an incredible little nut. Bizarre but incredible. Warm freshly roasted chestnuts are kind of like a potato/cashew/macadamia hybrid OF deliciousness. I highly recommend trying them if you haven’t (if you’re in the southern hemisphere you’ll have to wait until Autumn…sorry).  Trying something new = fancy!

The pic I snapped of my chestnuts (not those chest-nuts!) was crappy…didn’t really do them justice. So I’ve borrowed this one, found on pinterest

Hey how did you like last week’s smoothie “How To”..? I hope it’s inspired some smoothie experimentation. If not, please refer to the previous paragraph….“trying something new = Fancy” 😉

Keep your eyes peeled for something different in the coming weeks on SpunkyGuts. I’ve got some very spunky people I want to introduce to you. I hope they will motivate you to live your best-est, most spunky life. Cause, quite frankly, you deserve it!

Also, before I leave you to your week-end fun, have you found us on Facebook yet? Jump over and take a look. Plenty of extra goodies happening over there 😉

Okay, I’m done. Go find your fancy!


  1. Glad you mentioned Chestnuts…I have not had them for years and kind of forgot what they taste like, however I have agreed to make the stuffing for a Thanksgiving Dinner and found a recipe for Chestnut Stuffing…fingers crossed it tastes good 🙂
    Have FB’ed you re: Yoga

    • Thanks 🙂 Chestnuts are fascinating! I’m going to get some more and add them into some meals next week. Perhaps I should do a little Italian Thanksgiving for my crew 😉

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