The Perfect Gym

What is the perfect gym?

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When you think about which elements would make the perfect gym…well…perfect – what do you think of..?

  • Lots of nice shiny equipment?
  • Plenty of treadmills so you never have to wait?
  • Lots of sexy personal trainers to admireย assist you?
  • Good quality yoga mats and maximum space to use them?

I think the ultimate gym comes in many different forms.

And at the moment this is my perfect gym:

My perfect gym ๐Ÿ˜€

So shiny and fabulous!Ummm….no.ย It isn’t very gym like or inspiring, but for now this is where the magic happens.

This is the dock where the boat is in a shipyard. Totally un-glamorousย and very basic. It’s all I need though. A flat area to get down to business and sweat it out. Plus my yoga mat, a small hand towel and one dumbbell (about 5kg). The dumbbell isn’t an absolute must either, I often just use my body weight for exercises.

I’ve been doing short 30 to 40 minute circuits that get my heart rate up and get my muscles screaming with fatigue. The fact that all I need to do is grab my mat and shoes and step off the back of the boat means there’s really no excuses for not completing a work out. There’s no barrier of having to jump in the car to get somewhere else to work out. Or to be there at a certain time to participate in a class.

Here’s a one of the work outs I did this week:

jog to warm up, gradually increasing speed x 2 ย (200m)

Push up with side plank x set of 10

Sprint x 1 (200m)

Squats x 20

sprint x 1 (200m)

elbow to knee crunch x 20 each side

sprint x 1 (200m)

walking lunges x 10 each side

sprint x 1 (200m)

Mountain climbers x 20

Cool down – slow jog x 2 (200m)

Who says you need a gym full of equipment? Get creative with your workouts, you never know you might just enjoy them even more!

Nothing glamorous and nothing complicated – much like my wardrobe really.

Like it?

Share it baby! I’d love to see some good juju heading your way.ย 


  1. Erin…you are inspiring me ๐Ÿ™‚ After a super tough training season over the summer, an awesome finale race at the end of the summer…and then I went on vacation and got lazy!! So on Thursday I said “enough” and went for a 5k jog, on Friday I went for a cycle, then Saturday, Sunday I was in bed with a bug! This morning I had to start all over again in the pouring rain – the motivation is not good right now (very unusual for me) but your post has inspired me…tomorrow I will hit the gym and was bummed because the weather is so bad so I can’t swim also but now I am going to throw in a bit of speed work/sprints and am actually excited about it…NO NONSENSE NOVEMBER…bring it on ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Awesome! I’m glad to be inspiring some No Nonsense November action ๐Ÿ˜€ The interval HIIT type workouts I’m doing are keeping me motivated to keep doing something….there’s not a lot of choice for nice running tracks or gyms close by here. Go #NNN (No Nonsense November)

  2. Love this Erin! Will have to give it a go myself. My workout today was sweating it out with the kids playing European handball. Anything that gets that heart rate up is golden! xx

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