Pimp your Posture

How’s your posture..?

No, I don’t expect you to be able to do this….I can’t. Amanda Bisk works hard for her awesome posture & body…check her out! Picture from amandabisk.com

No idea..? No worries, I’ll allow you some thinking time…

I brought my own posture to my attention just this afternoon while I was in the shower. I was slouching. Slouching, in the shower of all places! And it made me  wonder am I slouching all the time?

No one likes ol’ slouchy shoulders. In addition to slouching in the shower  I noticed some general muscle soreness after my first run in about 2 months. Interestingly I pulled up sore through my core, neck  and back muscles. Of course I’m bound to be a bit sore after a long time between runs, but I didn’t expect to be this sore in those spots!

Alarm bells!  The core, neck and back muscles are major postural muscles.

Slouching or poor posture leads to muscle weakness and also muscle tightness. It especially occurs in the muscles which support our main frame work, our spines. Poor posture can leave us unbalanced and the slouching gets worse. It’s a vicious cycle actually. If we’re not careful, poor posture can even lead to injuries. In particular the kind that seemingly ‘just happen out of nowhere.’ For example, a strained back when all you were doing was picking up your hand bag, or feeding the cat as was the case with Mr SpunkyGuts some years ago.

We all know if we don’t use our muscles they lose strength right?  Simply maintaining good posture will help keep all those small supporting muscles strong and balanced. This can then be supplemented by your workouts, providing you are still maintaining good posture and technique.

Reader participation required 😉

I want you to sit or stand up nice and tall and straight. Ensure your shoulders are back and your neck is long.

Did you have to move much to get to this position..? As in, did you have to adjust your previous posture significantly to adopt this good posture?

If the answer is yes, providing you weren’t in an awkward yoga position at the time you may need to pay more attention to how you sit and stand on a habitual basis. I recommend to make the effort this week to be aware of your posture. Leave a post it note on the bathroom mirror or the kettle with a reminder. Set a couple of reminders or alarms in your phone to gently remind you during the day. If you are more aware of your posture it’s more likely to be correct.

Stand tall! It’s not hard! Pic via pinterest

Try this for a week…

Each morning when you first get out of bed, before anything else…

I want you to stand up as tall as you can

Shoulders back, neck long and tall. Pull your tummy muscles gently in.

Now. Slouch. Yep drop your shoulders, round your upper back, stick your chin out, let your tummy muscles go…..doesn’t feel (or look) so great hey? 

Pimp that posture!

Now stand tall again, lengthen your back and neck square your shoulders Draw your belly button to your spine.

Ah. Feels better doesn’t it. Not only physically but mentally. You should feel strong and confident, like you can take on anything. 

What a way to start your day!

Every morning, as you get out of bed for the next 7 days try this. See what difference it makes to your posture AND to how you feel for the rest of the day.

Go on! Pimp that posture!

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