Fat, tired & totally stressed….

Wait…no that sounds too full on and confronting. Those three words make me nervous.  How about…

unbalanced, pudgy, lackluster and far from vibrant…

That is a better representation. Less harsh. But just as true.

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The past 3(ish) months have been very busy in the world of working on yachts. Too busy actually, unhealthily busy. I’m talking ridiculously long days on my feet, rushed meal times, working till late night and starting early in the mornings, every day of the week. Plus, attempting to plan and maintain a high level of organisation despite an ever changing environment of guests, weather and countries. Oh yes, my brain is exhausted too.

…When the opportunity presents (which is rarely), getting an extra 45mins of sleep far outweighed dragging myself out of bed for a walk or run. Getting out for exercise would do me the world of good. This I know. Yet it becomes a vicious cycle of tiredness, and sleep always wins.

Did you know, scientists say the desire to sleep is the second strongest urge of the human body? If you’re game, tell me in the comments what you think number one is.

Anyhow, on the bright side I’ve seen some of the most beautiful places over the past few months. Truly incredible places. Locations that I would never see if not for my choice of work. Please bear in mind that I typically don’t get to explore these places while I’m there (because I’m working). Usually they are admired from the deck or if I’m lucky via a trip ashore to the market for supplies.

I am very grateful that food on board was my responsibility. Therefore the freshness and quality of the food was always the best I could source. In hindsight I now realise just how important getting enough rest, exercise and quiet time is to maintaining a healthy mind and body.

I do need to confess to letting my food choices get the better of me. I dont feel I have been eating as I normally would . Enter more chocolate and sweet treats than I would normally consume.

I don’t recommend this…. pic via pinterest

I’m not here to blame yachting for my current state of blah. I know that ultimately I am in charge of me. I am also human and we are a very complex bunch. Sometimes we let external forces overwhelm us and take control. However, the most important thing is recognizing when this is happening so you can take appropriate action, listen to your body and get some control back. And that’s what I’m going to do!

I have received clear messages of SOS from ‘The Temple’….aka my body

  • more breakouts and eczema than usual
  • bags under the eyes, dark ones at that
  • I got sick, genuinely sick…I came down with a cold which is a very rare occurrence
  • ‘needing’ that sugar hit between meals
  • periods…no periods at all, they simply went AWOL
  • dandruff
  • weight gain

I’m sure you would agree that none of the above are particularly flattering or contribute to feeling zingy and fresh.

So what am I doing about it?

  • REST     the most important thing I believe is resting. Catching up on all that sleep that I never got. Allowing myself to go to bed early, or to sleep in. And to take naps, don’t forget napping.
  • NOURISH     cutting the crap, loading up on veggies, lean meat and fish, good fats and whole grains.
  • SWEAT     gosh I’ve missed running, even just walking actually. I’m getting back into regular exercise and I plan on changing it up with walking, running, yoga and some body weight circuit training.
  • ZEN     quiet time….zen time. I plan on taking time out to just sit and be quiet. Call it meditation if you will.
  • TEAMWORK     I have support from the people closest to me.

The TED talk below was just what I needed. As I watched it I felt like Dr Libby Weaver was talking about the past 3 months of my life. It was the perfect little reminder that when the body is under stress you can’t expect to feel or be at your greatest. I am sure there are plenty of women (and men no doubt) out there who can relate. I encourage you to grab a cuppa and watch this, it’s not even 20 minutes out of your day. Trust me it’s worth it.

And for those not familiar with TED Talks, you can actually download them to your computer, allowing you to watch them later, watch them multiple times or share a copy with a friend. The TED Talks motto is actually “ideas worth sharing”, so go ahead and share.

I’m making this “No Nonsense November”. I’m putting my all into me. And of course I’ll be sharing with you too. There are two other changes I’m incorporating that may seem a little extreme; no refined sugar and no alcohol. A month of no alcohol and no sugar to really give my body a rest and detox. I told you it was No Nonsense November!

Is anyone keen to join me with a No Nonsense November….?

Right I’ve got some exercise to do. So should you 😉

Oh one last thing…any ideas about what the number one strongest urge of the human body is…? List your ideas below.


  1. You go girrrrlfriend!! Nourish that beautiful being that is YOU 🙂
    Strongest urge has to be… food. Eat. Yum. Well it is for me anyway haha x

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