Fancy Friday! – Pirates, Dolphins and Mermaids

Wowzers! It feels like an eternity since my last post, especially my last Fancy Friday! I honestly feel as though I have lived the equivalent of 5 summers jam packed into one. I’ve seen a lot, experienced a lot, worked damned hard and most importantly learnt a bucket load about myself, other people and life in general. I’ve used the following expression a few times now, but it really does describe the past few months of my life. .

I have just had the longest, short summer season ever! (yachting season that is kiddies)

PIRATES!!! Follow that ship! Arrrrrrgghhh! Pirates have the coolest ships ever, don’t you think?

This is what the itinerary ended up looking like…

Italy – Montenegro – Croatia – Italy – Tuscan Islands – South of France – Barcelona – Ibiza – Mallorca – Sardinia – Tunisia – Malta – Italy

As you can see I’ve spent a fair chunk of time out on the water this summer. So I thought it would be fitting to share some of the things I find ever so fancy about being out at sea.

Sunsets & Sunrises

They really do seem bigger, more vibrant and special when you’re out at sea. I’ve seen some magical ones in recent weeks and I always always find them super dooper fancy.



This is something I will never, never NEVER get tired of. Ever. The only thing that could be slightly more magical than seeing dolphins playing about in the boat’s bow wake would be seeing mermaids. Sorry, merpeople. I will continue to dream…. You can literally feel their excitement as they come jumping towards the bow of your boat. How could this not be fancy?!

Dolphin fun

Whale spotting

Finally! I saw a whale while at sea. I’ve heard people talk about it and always been so jealous. Well, boys and girls it finally happened. Funnily enough I was on my own in the bridge and when I called out to a crew mate her reaction was “what?!” apparently whales are a bit rare in the Mediterranean ocean in summer. Not only fancy but extra fancy due to the surprise factor. Instead of rushing for the camera, knowing our whale friend could disappear at any moment, I just enjoyed watching it. So no pics….you’ll have to use your imagination….

I think this depicts my whale sighting perfectly        Picture via pinterest

Sparkly, glassy water

I love the way the sunlight hits the water and looks all sparkly and glittery on a clear bright day when the seas are calm. I also love a still glassy sea that you feel as though you are gliding through. Hmm…see a theme…Calm seas are my friend. Yes they are, but it’s these times that I do feel a bit fancy and privileged to be able to experience such natural beauty. It can make the sea-sickness worth it. Just.


I hope the past few months have been filled with fancy for all you Spunky people. I’ll be sharing a bit more about my chaotic summer and how it’s impacted on me shortly. It’s been quite an eye opener.

For now have a fabulous week-end wherever you are and whatever you end up doing 😀

Peace, Love & Pirates!


  1. Such gorgeous pics Erin!! Have missed your posts, although like you, it’s been the longest, short winter for us w the new business. Surfacing soon. Like a dolphin 😉 Or a whale as it were! xx

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