Fancy Friday! – Sun, Salt & Ikea

I’m baaacckk!! Did you miss me? I’m sure you all managed. In fact I know you did because Mr SpunkyGuts provided one VERY fancy Fancy Friday.

We’ll have to get his insights more often I think, though letting him loose on the keyboard is not without its danger.


Pic from travel friend Agnes
Mr Spunky using his old laptop. His new one is pink he he.

Onto the fancy from my week.


Wow! So part of my hand-balling Fancy Friday last week was because I have been a little busy (little being a huge understatement). I am currently setting up a brand new yacht and it’s a big task (monumental task actually, and this yacht is small by superyacht standards). I was tempted to climb into one of the beds at Ikea and have a sleep over to save on all the commuting back and forth. But, as busy and exhausted as I am I know that it’s all going to come together in the end and I will have one organised galley and interior to show for it. This is fancy. It will be fancy.

Just enough room for me....Lucky cos the car wont drive it's self!
Just enough room for me….lucky because the car won’t drive itself!


There’s nothing like a splash of salt water to invigorate you and make you feel like a million bucks. I squeezed in a dip in the ocean this week and it was truly divine. I know I should make time to do this more often, but for now at least I’m feeling pretty fancy 😀

Ain’t that the truth!

Salty Bonus

I love the feel of saltiness after a dip in the ocean I also love the way it makes my hair look all beachy and mermaidy 😀

Through a combination of not having time and wanting to maintain that beachy look I didn’t wash my hair for a day or so….yay for fancy beach hair!

Yep I took a 'selfie' Ha!
Yep I took a ‘selfie’ Ha!

Capturing this:

After  a sudden storm with pouring rain and heavy thunder…Mother Nature apologized. You are forgiven.

Quite simply FANCY
Quite simply FANCY

Teaming up with Food Man Chew

I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to team up with Food Man Chew and help to create a Hump Day Lunch Box. I do hope whoever tasted these creations enjoyed every mouthful and had a fancy Hump Day.

Speaking of Mick at Food Man Chew, today is his birthday. Hope you have a fancy one Mick 😀


New Tweezers

I know this sounds lame, but, I am sure plenty of gals will wholeheartedly agree when I say that there is nothing more frustrating that a poor pair of tweezers. Am I right? I misplaced my awesome Tweezermans recently….I thought I could manage without them. Nope. I splashed out and got myself a pair of these perfect tweezers from Rubis. The Swiss not only know fine watches and chocolate, but tweezers too. Ahh…fancy brows again.

pic via


Well, that wraps up Fancy Friday for another week. I’m glad I started writing these weekly posts. Not only is sharing a nice thing to do, but compiling the post reminds me of the joyful moments of my week.

Until next week, stay Spunky and be sure to enjoy the moments of fancy that come your way.


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