No, Miss Spunky hasn’t started taking hormone pills, nor has she grown a beard or developed a deep husky voice. This week’s edition of Fancy Friday is written by the testosterone wielding member of the SpunkyGuts couple, Mr SpunkyGuts (also known as Barney, who was born as Mark and temporarily nicknamed Weasel – thankfully Weasel didn’t stick).

So start-up your engines, fart like a man and leave the toilet seat up, for this Fancy Friday is turbo charged!

Unless you’d prefer I talk about kittens, fairies, butterflies and rainbows?

I can do that, if you would like me to. You know, I have estrogen, well some estrogen, (okay, not much). I do like pretty things though.

How about this for a compromise? I’ll strike a balance between the two; between man and woman, the yin and the yang, those with willies and those without. However, never (and I mean never) will I invite a male friend to join me in the toilet. You ladies can keep that weirdo behaviour to yourselves!



This week I revived something I’ve not done since high school. No, I’m not to my teenage dream of dating Miss Redding, my beautiful drama teacher. I’m referring to meditating. That’s MED-I-TA-TING for those dirty minds thought something else! Paula H, a trainee teacher at my school offered to teach meditation/self-hypnosis to whoever was interested. While only 17 something in me reasoned it might be interesting. After a few guided sessions from Paula I could ‘take myself under’ and ‘bring myself out’.  This ability was quite beneficial during my final year of school. Admittedly, after finishing high school the meditating habit did drop away.

Until now! This week I installed an app with meditation recordings. I’ve used it a few times and voila, the ability to relax and revive in 15 minutes is returning! Not only has technology made it simple because I simply lie down and press play (no teacher required), but because Facebook enabled me to find Paula H and send her a thank you message.

Meditating again and saying thank you to someone, albeit 19 years later = a simple fancy.



Sure, we live in a consumerist society. Sure, we don’t mend socks like our grandparents, we buy new ones. That doesn’t mean we can’t at least try. My First World Problem was a dead smart phone. My First World Solution was Google, a YouTube video on fixing phones and some parts ordered from Amazon. Without technology we wouldn’t have smartphones that break, but without technology I couldn’t have fixed it myself either. Without getting all nerdy and talking about binary codes, if you think about it for just ten seconds, the technological world we live in is remarkably fancy. For our SpunkyNerd readers, isn’t that  somewhat 0100011001000001010011100100001101011001?


My Nokia becomes a jigsaw puzzle



A bike ride along the undulating French coast took me to a small town encapsulated by a pretty bay. Next door is a headland known for two things: 1, mansions owned by the rich and famous and 2, a stunning walk along the water’s edge. Forgetting to bring $50 000 000 to buy the more expensive properties, I chose the walk. I enjoyed it so much I ran back along the coast to my starting point instead of cutting through the streets and missing the ocean view. The houses behind those big fences may be fancy, but I had a fancy experience too; for free.


Rich or poor, the view is the same.



Bert is Miss Spunky’s bicycle. Born in 1982 he (we consider Bert a he) is an old school ladies road bike, making him a man with a woman’s body. Since my mountain bike was stolen a few weeks ago (not so fancy), I’ve taken to Bert like he’s an old friend. We go everywhere together morning, noon and night. He’s old, he’s simple, he bears scars of a life well lived. Despite this, Bert rarely lets me down and always wants me to ride him. Bert does give me a sore butt sometimes, so he now sleeps in the spare room. Still, I think I’m falling in love with him.


Bert, taking a nap in the spare room.



I have running socks with L and R written on them, enabling you to pair the correct sock and foot. Now that my friends, is fancy.


Unless you are a pervert, why would you want to see a picture of dirty socks?



With Miss Spunky now living and working in another country, I’ve become a fully fledged ‘fend for yourself’ bachelor. I haven’t lived by myself since October 2007. Since then I have rarely needed to cook, such is my work (provides all meals) and Kitchen Whiz girlfriend. I do miss Miss Spunky now that she’s away, but the ‘me time’ is fabulous. Surprisingly, the healthy food I’ve been preparing for myself is fabulous too. Healthy, tasty and a joy to make. Until the onus was on me to feed myself, I had no idea how much I had learned from Miss Spunky. Thank you darling for imparting your fancy on me over the years.


I even made a dressing!



Something else I’ve reintroduced to my daily routine. My ‘Today’ file is essentially a collection of affirmations I wrote last year. Much simplified from its original form, I read these sentences each morning before starting my day.



If I knew you’d happily read another 1000 words, I’d happily elaborate on the numerous fancy things from my week. So in 100 words the highlights were:

– Meeting an astonishingly wise 20 year old midwifery student. She spoke with the passion, composure and clarity you’d expect from watching a TED talk online. At only 20 years of age. (Despite it being natural, I’ll refrain from posting a picture of a woman delivering a baby. Glad you agree.)

– Meeting an inspiring German family cycling around Europe. The Mum and Dad wanted to instill a sense of adventure and self-reliance in their teenage son. I’m confident they are succeeding.


One generation preparing the next.


– Randomly seeing a workmate from three years ago (when I worked in Florida), here in France.

– Being singled out by a tourist to provide restaurant advice because “you looked like an approachable guy”. Yes, yes I am.

– My new job starting in Turkey next week.


Yalikavak Marina, soon to be home.


And lastly, the privilege bestowed upon me to write this post. I hope you found it fancy.

Thanks for reading,


PS: Miss SpunkyGuts will be back next Friday, fancier than ever!


  1. What a smashingly fancy read! Yep, aiming to be back next week…although with the way work is travelling at the minute Friday may come and go quicker than I want it to. Bear with me folks!
    Thanks Barn x

  2. Well done Mr Spunky Guts
    It would have been nice to get through the entire post without mentioning farts or toilets though :-)))

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