Fancy Friday! – Experimenting with Bimby & Exploring with Barney

Or should that be exploring Bimby and experimenting on Barney…..

There’s been plenty of fancy this week.

A sunrise snap out the back of Mum & Dad's
A sunrise snap out the back of Mum & Dad’s

Fancy that has come from unusual and unsuspecting places.

Mr SpunkyGuts comes to town!

Yaaayyy!! I had my main man visiting me over the week-end (hence a delayed Fancy Friday last week). What a treat. We explored, hung-out, kayaked, ate, cooked…or cooked then ate. We sat in the sun, indulged in yummo gelato, talked about work, life and more. The best bit was just having him here in the flesh, by my side. Simple and fancy (having him here that is, although My Spunky is sometimes simple ha ha)

All ready for his pedi….mucking around with sea stones. I’m so creative!

Getting to know Bimby

I’ve spent this week getting acquainted with my new Galley Hand….the Bimby, aka a Thermomix in other parts of the world. So far I’m pretty impressed with this fine piece of German machinery. I am just a little worried that it may put me out of a job! It’s a great multi-tasker, a powerful blender and chopper, the perfect steamer and slow cooker….I even made my own almond and coconut butter without too much fuss. Talk about one fancy robot!

Introducing 'Bimby' helping me whip up some delicious Asian style fish. Yum :)
Introducing ‘Bimby’ helping me whip up some delicious Asian style fish. Yum ๐Ÿ™‚

Italian coffee; made by Italians, for Italians, in Italy.

It’s really good. It’s really fancy. I can happily drink a long black and I’ve come to really appreciate a well made coffee. I’m worried I may never be the same…

pic via pinterest & Southern Visions Travel

Being the driver

Mr SpunkyGuts and I hired a car for the week-end. He is nearly always the driver. Especially when it comes to driving in a different country (Italy of all places too…) and, most importantly, when the car is going to be a manual transmission. I’ve only recently begun driving manual cars on a regular basis. I had to learn, learn quick, and on the opposite side of the road with road signs in a different language. I’m getting better though and this week-end I HAD to be the ‘driver’ (Mr SpunkyGuts was pick pocketed a week or so ago, wallet and driving license gone…doh!). This was definitely NOT what I had anticipated. It was a challenge, a good one and I feel a bit fancy cause I did it. And did it with minimal freak outs. I feel like a freakin’ race car driver now!

Being the navigator has always been my specialty....
Being the navigator has always been my specialty….

Unpredictable weather

I know that may not seem overly fancy. Sunshine one minute…pelting rain and thunder the next… But who doesn’t love an out of no where storm..? One that you can actually see rolling in? A storm when you can smell the rain before it even hits the ground. There’s something kinda special about it isn’t there? It’s fancy.

Before & after. Equally fancy
Before & after. Equally fancy

Sick for home – homesickness

Another less-than-fancy on the surface. I’m missing home. My family. Friends. My cat. Familiarity. The smells, the sounds, knowing where to get exactly what you need. The simplicity of it. The quiet. The special spots that always take my breath away. Doesn’t seem very fancy at all really does it? But what I realise is why I miss ‘home’. It’s because home is SO damn special, I’ve got some wonderful people back there in a truly magical part of the world. That my Spunkies is FANCY.

Home is where the fur babies are
Home is where the fur babies are

That’s a wrap!

Have a good week-end spunky Boys & Girls ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh and one final pic….

Meet Kirry. She's the prettiest cat I know. What do you think..?
Meet Kirry. She’s the prettiest cat I know. Clearly she get her good looks from me…What do you think..?

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  1. Ive missed out for a couple of weeks….life got in the way! About to Google your new robot whilst catching up on the blog.
    Hope the homesick has gone ๐Ÿ™ Glad Barney came for a visit.
    P.S. Fab photos this week…

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