Butter versus margarine

 Quite simply, I’m 100% in favour of butter.

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Pure, simple butter needing only two or three ingredients. Enjoy a bit on your sandwich. A little with Vegemite on toast or melted over some green veggies. Even in yummy baking recipes.

I’m not here to write endless pages explaining why margarine is not good for you (the internet is full of such information), I’m here to support the use of butter (in suitable quantities of course).

I am hoping to encourage non-butter users (and even butter users actually) to see a different perspective.

And quite frankly you’re all grown ups (presumably) and you should be able to make your own informed decisions.

What’s been around longer? The instructions for making butter were carved in stone 4500 years ago, literally.

What could you make easily at home? Butter or margarine..? Unless you’re a food scientist, butter is the answer.

See where I’m going with this?

Margarine has numerous chemical additives. Have a cow and some salt? You can make butter.

Ask yourself ‘what is best for my body?’

What’s your answer…?

Mine is to the buy the best quality butter available. Organic if I can, pasture fed cows if I can, un-pasteurised (raw) if I can.

Many highly processed foods have additives to sell more product. Added vitamins, Omega 3’s, cholesterol reducing properties, fibre etc. Avoid these! Also avoid products claiming: low fat, low carb, reduced cooking times, increased shelf life, low sugar, sugar free.

The less interfered with by humans, the better.

A prime example is the ingredient list on butter and margarine packets:

Ahhh margarine....so many ingredients. If it's confusing to read, it's probably confusing our bodies
Ahhh margarine….so many ingredients. If it’s confusing to read, it’s probably confusing our bodies too.
Butter. 3 ingredients. Most importantly, recognizable ones
Butter. 3 ingredients. Most importantly, recognizable ones.

“But butter is full of fat, will make me fat, increase my cholesterol and raise my blood pressure!”

Possibly. If you eat too much of it.

It’s important to remember that we should be mindful of what AND how much we are eating. It’s simply moderation baby! You should also be doing some physical activity in moderation (every day). That will be more effective at lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure than margarine ever will be.

Give it some thought Spunkies. For me it’s a very simple decision. Providing you’re not dairy intolerant; find the best organic (raw if possible) pasture fed butter and enjoy it in moderation.

Bon appetite!


  1. Coincidentally I only read the back of a margarine pack yesterday at the supermarket, haven’t bought the icky stuff in years but still shocked to read the ingredients list! I have a childhood memory of Max, the man who bought my parents house when I was 3, miraculously churning butter by hand in his kitchen. He was onto the good stuff! 🙂

    • I remember making butter in primary school, putting cream into a shaker and having to take turns shaking until it turned into our own butter. It was amazing how something could so easily turn into something else!

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