Fancy Friday! – Loser complex & border crossings

Wow! Friday has been very sneaky this week. 

Very quiet shoes I guess. 

I didn't eat both those croissants...just one ;)
I didn’t eat both those croissants…just one 😉

Short and sweet this week cause to be honest, my bed is calling my name. And not in a sexy ‘come hither’ kinda way, more of a stern motherly “right, time for bed”.

Starting out less than fancy

So I started my week with a case of loser complex. I was down, felt as though the world was against me. Couldn’t get out. Short fuse, fed up. Best to not let me out in public. I know. This isn’t particularity fancy. At all. What was fancy was shaking it off and getting over it. Phew! Sharing the realities of real life with you is pretty fancy too. I hope you can relate. Not hoping you relate to loser complex though! Just the reality of some days being easier than others.

Pic from pinterest

Buying my croissant and eating it too

I though it was only fitting to add a croissant to my final breakfast in France. I don’t have them very often. Why? Cause they’re not very good for you (I hope this isn’t a news flash to any of you!). So when I do indulge I make sure I enjoy it dammit! I sit down, eat slowly, off a plate and with a good cup of tea or a proper coffee. It was deliciously fancy.

The French really do know what they're doing Yum!
The French really do know what they’re doing. Yum!

Cross country by train. 

I took the train from the South of France to the East coast of Italy (about 8 hours by train). I’d never traveled any significant distance by train. It was a pleasant change from the hustle and bustle of airports. Especially the second leg of my journey (the first was anything but fancy) interesting country side and a chance to relax and take it all in. A fancy travel alternative.

Ancona, Italy Pic via pinterest (Diego Ciarloni)

Yep I’m in Italy Spunkies. It’s nice to have a change of scenery. A new and exciting opportunity and some fantastic people to work with. Now all I need is my brain to switch from French to Italian…

Ciao ciao…


  1. Sorry about your loser complex at the start of the week, but new beginnings abound. Hope your Italian experience is fantastic…the croissants in Italy are much better FYI! They call them Cornetto and if you want it filled with Creme Anglais you ask for Cornetto con Crema…super unhealthy Friday morning treat – oh, is it Friday tomorrow 🙂

  2. Italyyyy! That is fancy. Jelous and missing you. My Friday so far is not fancy I need to lift my game! Any suggestions? 💗

    • Come to Italy….
      I know it’s cold there but go for a brisk walk, the hillier the better then you’ll feel fancy after a hot shower, a cup of tea and a cuddly blankly.

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