Fancy Friday! – Agay escape, athletes and a petite hangover….

Fancy Friday is once again upon us. 

The bay of Agay France simply stunning & fancy!
The bay of Agay France simply stunning & fancy!

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Ironman Triathlon, Nice 2014

No, I didn’t do it. Maybe next year…. We were up before the sun to head down to see the start of the 2014 Nice Ironman. I knew it was going to be big, but I had no idea what an electric, positive, vibrant and exciting atmosphere there would be just being in amongst the crowd. We watched the swim and transition onto the bikes (a busy schedule for us didn’t allow for catching the run), seeing men, women, young and old, slim and carrying a few extra kilos. Even a man with no legs. The diversity really is inspiration for anyone I think. I felt proud of all these strangers. I felt fancy. Yep it was fancy.

swim done! Now a ride AND a run
swim done! Now a ride AND a run

Agay escape

I’m off to start a new job on Monday. In Italy. Yep, I’m a little bit excited. But this also means some extended time away from the dashing Mr SpunkyGuts. With my departure nearing we decided to escape. And we decided to have A-gay-escape. Perhaps I should clarify… we escaped to a place called Agay. A quaint little seaside town with the most beautiful coast and national parks. We chilled out, had beach time and did some walking. Agay was Fancy.

Is this real life? Yep, the water IS that blue
Is this real life? Yep, the water IS that blue

A switch off!

While in Agay there wasn’t any internet, nor did our phones have good enough coverage to let us connect to the social media internet world. It was kinda nice. It was fancy.

A visit to the loo that makes you smile. 

I hope that had everyone wondering what exactly I could mean by this. This is what I mean. So fancy!

Fancy sparkly Loo. Why not I say!

Une petite gueule de bois (A small hangover)

Well…it wasn’t really much of a hangover I’ll be honest. But in hindsight I probably could have done without the 4th glass of vino for the evening. Hey I’m only human, I had a ball, I caught up with some special people AND I tallied a massive and impressively fancy 10-pin bowling score. Yep there it is kids….a fancy 144. Go ME!!!

Oh yeah, pretty pleased with that. My best score ever 🙂

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Have a lovely weekend Spunkies 😉 

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