Fancy Friday!

It’s Friday already?!

That in it’s self is pretty fancy I think. 

pic courtesy of the one and only Mr SpunkyGuts
pic courtesy of the one and only Mr SpunkyGuts and S/Y Irene

It’s been quite a week. It feels as though it’s been super busy, but I still enjoyed cups of tea, reading, writing, napping and eating well.

Which brings me to my first fancy

Allowing yourself to rest

I’ve embraced the nap this week. It’s clear that in the past few weeks, although they didn’t feel it at the time, drained my energy reserves. It’s only now that I feel like I’ve allowed myself to ‘catch up’. By catching up I mean resting. Napping. Reading. Early nights. Reduced exercise. Wicked nourishing food. I feel fancy in allowing myself to be okay with this, no guilt 🙂 . Feeling rested is a fancy feeling in itself.

A homely home

Mr SpunkyGuts and I are now staying in a friend’s apartment, who is away for the summer. We’re not only grateful for somewhere to stay but also the homely, comfortable feeling it has. A great place to feel relaxed and, well, feel at home. The fanciest part is we are walking distance to a fabulous fresh produce market and a short bike ride to a wonderful health food store. Could it get any fancier?

Grilled Mediterranean veggies, sauteed spinach & garlic with a juicy pork chop AND a glass of organic vino 😉 YUM!

Generosity inspiring creativity

Our Facebook page has had a face lift. A new logo for SpunkyGuts. Actually, the first logo for SpunkyGuts. This was inspired by a friend who spontaneously contacted me and said “hey, here’s some ideas…whaddya reckon..?”. I was totally chuffed and still am at his generosity. So again Jarvis, thank you for your time and efforts and being the fancy this week.

The blog will be getting a revamp shortly too.

Free. Online. Yoga

I really enjoy my yoga. Sometimes I forget just how much until I finally get back on the mat after a bit of a lul. I do find it hard to dedicate time for it, especially if I’m not going to an actual class. I do yoga at home, but after 20 -30 minutes I’m done. Enter yoga online….magic. Great classes, for free! Choose what your experience level, class length, roll out your mat and voila….yogi time. I was a very fancy yogini after discovering this.

Check out the website HERE. I did THIS CLASS

Paying a visit to the Lorna Jane pop-up store in Nice, France

Mr SpunkyGuts and I rode out to Cap 3000 (about 27kms round trip) to check out the Lorna Jane pop up store operating for the summer. It was certainly fancy to meet and chat with the very lovely and very passionate Megane and Elizabeth. Megane was inspired to bring Lorna Jane to France after visiting Australia and falling in love with the brand. She is one determined gal and I really look forward to seeing her dream come to life.  Jump over to their Facebook page, have a look at their WEBSITE  or check it out on Instagram @lornajanefrance

the beautiful & spunky Megane at LJ Nice
the beautiful & spunky Megane at LJ Nice

Enjoying some rather yummy wicked meals 

Being close to a market full of fresh produce is inspiring for getting in the kitchen. Mr SpunkyGuts and I have eaten very well this week. Simple, nutritious, healthy and deliciously fancy meals.


Has reading this post increased your feeling of fancy..? If so jump over to the SpunkyGuts Facebook page and share a few words or a picture of some fancy from your week. We believe sharing is caring so share your fancy, and help spread that fancy feeling.

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