Fancy Friday!

Well. What a week!

My mantra this week
My mantra this week     via pinterest

As many of you know I was fired at the start of this week. Yep. Bummer.


I have had one hell of a FANCY week! Let me share…

Impromptu 10-pin bowling opportunity

We were in Monaco Sunday evening, working of course. But after all the evening duties were done we had the opportunity to get out of uniform and escape, OR, go to bed early and catch up on sleep….which I totally could have done at the time. Talk about dog tired. We chose the first option and I’m glad we did. Bowling is something that makes Mr SpunkyGuts sparkle. I like it when he sparkles. It was a fancy feeling watching him do something he truly loves, and something he has missed greatly over the past year.

Writing a ‘To Do’ list of epic proportions

After the news that we hadn’t anticipated was delivered Mr SpunkyGuts and I headed to the beach to have a chat and process it all. We wrote a list of all the things we might like to do, because lets face it, what else do you do when you suddenly find yourself with a blank canvas. It’s such a good feeling to write out all the options, even if  some are a little ridiculous. It helped us to realise the world really is our oyster, we can do anything we want. That my friends is fancy.

What time is it..?   via pinterest
What time is it..? Time to do whatever we choose! via pinterest

Gratitude for all of you amazing people

I feel very grateful for all the well wishes and encouraging messages. Mr SpunkyGuts and I are so lucky for the generosity of a number of friends and acquaintances offering their homes, apartments and even a guest room in their mothers house. It has taken the stress out of needing to find a ‘home’ for a while. So thank you, family, friends and readers for you have added tremendous fancy to my (our) week.

via pinterest
via pinterest

 Baking therapy

I’m not very good at the usual ‘retail therapy’, shopping and I aren’t BFF’s. I bake. I find it very relaxing and calming. I’ve needed a bit of relaxing and calming this week. The best bit, you get to spoil those around you with fancy home made goodies. I made a batch of healthy chocolate cupcakes, the recipe is here. Can’t get much fancier than that!

Baking therapy + healthy afternoon treats :)
Baking therapy = healthy afternoon treats 🙂

That pretty well sums it up. I’m really looking forward to next week and what lays ahead. I’m sure it will be filled with fancy.

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  1. Recipe looks awesome…that is one to try this weekend. Would love to hear more about your to-do list??

  2. Your positivity is inspiring Miss. Really, you are a glass half full girl no question. And damn that cupcake looks tasty! I’m a baker when I need a pick-me-up too, it’s about the creation of something, often from nothing much, that feels rewarding. Oh, and the sharing 🙂
    The world is indeed your oyster Miss Parish

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