Today I got fired. Yes, fired.

This is something NEW.

I’ve never been fired before.

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It’s very surreal. Mixed emotions is an understatement.

First up….I didn’t do anything wrong, naughty or criminal. I just wasn’t right for the job. Perhaps ‘let go” is a better way to put it? Nah…I like fired, it has more feeling to it.

Secondly, I’ve not explained much previously, but I have worked on luxury yachts for three years. Luxury yachts? Yes, those fancy white yachts rich people use as expensive toys. The ones that hang out in all the glitzy places; Monaco, Cannes, Ibiza, The Bahamas, New York. I have cooked for crew before and guests on occasions. This was my first job where cooking for guests was my primary role.

the best view of Monaco
the best view of Monaco

It requires a deep breath, but I understand their decision.  Admittedly, I even feel a little relieved. I had reached a point where I was so frustrated by my situation that I couldn’t bear it. I felt unappreciated. Felt I couldn’t do anything right. I was stumped on how to turn the situation around.

What else am I feeling..? Somewhat disappointed and let down by the people that I was working for. I tried my damned hardest, and just wanted to do the best I could for them. I wasn’t given that opportunity, I wasn’t given feedback, I wasn’t given guidance. I was a ship at sea without a compass. How could I show my full potential?

I am NOT a qualified chef. This was made very clear from the beginning. I cook quite well. I came into the job confident and inspired. The expectations aligned with my abilities and I was willing to push myself to the next level.

In any field, feedback is crucial for improving your skills and providing a better service. Eating (and the cooking that goes with it) is a very individual choice. That is fine with me, just tell me what you enjoy.

Grilled haloumi on quinoa bread and hummus with fresh zucchini ribbons
Grilled haloumi on quinoa bread and hummus with fresh zucchini ribbons

I can honestly say I put my heart and soul into it. Therefore when the people you are cooking for give no feedback at all it makes your job very difficult and frustrating. I tried to clarify what they might desire for meals, tried to be specific, to ask questions, to base the next meal on what they did or didn’t eat. C’mon people, I was hired to cook not read your bloody mind!

Feedback did eventually come, at 9am this morning.

As the saying goes, ‘it was too little, too late’. The feedback came  in the form of  “Sorry, this is your one week notice”. The news was delivered by the Captain who was instructed yesterday morning to fire us after the guests departed. The Captain (a friend of ours) is not happy with the situation but is powerless to change it. It now puts a lot of pressure on him.

I believe with more instruction I could have cranked out fabulously delicious meals that were truly appreciated. Instead they were fabulously delicious meals that either were, or weren’t, appreciated.

foie gras tasting plate
foie gras tasting plate

I should also mention this was a team effort…Mr SpunkyGuts got the boot too. He was hired as a steward/deckhand. He is not a steward. He is an exceptional deckhand/engineer. Much of his good work fixing and organising the boat was behind the scenes. He will make your boat shine, he will keep your guests safe, he will fix things that break. He is not, and never will be, the pretty stewardess carrying your plates and pouring your wine.

We gave no false impressions. This was all known before we left Australia.  We made no promises we couldn’t keep. We worked our butts off. That is why we’ll walk away with our heads held high.

The big question now is, what next? Life is always full of opportunities.

Another yacht in France, Spain, SE Asia….? Go live where coconuts grow….? Buy a van and travel Europe for the summer….? Ride our bikes a long way…?

As for right now, now is a good time for a cup of tea. Hey, it is always a good time for a cup of tea 🙂


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