Fancy Friday!

Fancy Friday – it’s a thing. Jump on it! Now!

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Well, sharing is caring so I am going to share my fancy with you. This week has been one of those weeks…I’ve had to dig deep and look a little harder for the fancy. Yep. I am human, and some weeks things are just a bit blah.

Therefore it’s extra important this week for you to comment below or jump over to our Facebook page and share YOUR fancy. Hearing about you spunky sistas and brothers finding some fancy will bring me some extra this week. For that I am truly grateful.

Here’s my fancy:

A gorgeous week-end

I felt super fancy about my week-end. I didn’t do anything amazingly exciting. Just nice, simple, feed the soul stuff. A coastal bike ride with my love, a catch up with a friend, delicious meals, an early morning long run, brunch in the sunshine, reading, speaking with Mum and Dad, blogging, chilling on the beach, impromptu healthy chocolate pudding and finally (possibly most importantly…) napping. All pretty small, pretty standard stuff. But enough to spark that fancy feeling.

New jeans…with minimal effort at the shops

I don’t know about you, but I really dislike jeans shopping. I have a brand I love at home (Australia), my ‘go to’ jeans. They fit perfectly every time, I know my size and they are great quality. It took years for me to find them. I am sure many spunky chicks out there can relate – the eternal search for the ‘perfect pair’ can cause frustration, disappointment and dread. So, when my beloved black jeans finally wore through on the bum I needed a replacement. And I had to try to do it in a different country. Whaddya know…I had welcome success with minimal traipsing through shops and trying on pair after pair. That leaves a rather satisfyingly fancy feeling.

The perfect coffee

I’m rather particular about my coffee these days. If I’m going to have one I want a real coffee, not instant. I love a good latte, but I like mine with coconut milk. It’s pretty delicious I must say. I highly recommend them. Preferring my coffee this way makes it tricky to ‘go out’ for one. So I DIY local cafe right here in my galley. This week I nailed the ratio of coffee to coconut milk, the perfect temperature and amount. I felt quietly fancy enjoying my coffee.

Word of wisdom!       via
Word of wisdom! via

Tell me about your fancy! Either comment below or head over to Facebook. You can also hit your preferred social media icon below and share there. Sharing is caring after all. You may just add some fancy to to someone else’s day 😉

Have a super dooper week-end Spunkies!

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