30 Day Ab Challenge – goes viral on Facebook

I have a six-pack. Don’t you…?

via pinterest    Check out my 6-pack!
Check out my 6-pack! (via pinterest)

I have been intrigued by something that has exploded on Facebook; The 30-day Ab Challenge.

I haven’t signed up, accepted the invitation or whatever it is you do. However I have been fascinated by the huge number of people (including my FB friends) looking for “the abs we all dream of”. What has gotten these people motivated for the challenge? And more importantly, what do they realistically expect to achieve?

Being somewhat curious I had a little browse of the page to see what the hype was all about and what the participants were in for. Seemingly 4 basic abdominal/core exercises to complete over the course of 30 days, building in repetitions. Oh and a few rest days in there too.

Via Facebook - 30 Day Abs Challenge
Via Facebook – 30 Day Abs Challenge

I genuinely support anything that will get people motivated, active and feeling confident about themselves and their bodies. What I don’t agree with is how the hype surrounding this may lead to unrealistic expectations of  getting ‘the 6-pack’.  What about the potential disappointment after the 30 days when this hasn’t happened? I’d hate to see someone completely deflated and off-the-wagon (so to speak) because it wasn’t what is appeared to be.

Very few people will have a 6-pack in 30 days. Very few.

Have you heard the saying “a 6-pack starts in the gym and is finished in the kitchen”?

I agree with this 100 percent. Of course doing exercises to strengthen, tone and tighten your core are superbly beneficial from an aesthetic point of view AND a functional one. If you truly hope to shrink your waistline and see popping abs look to your diet. You know those people you see with ripped abs..? Yep. Well along with completing core exercises they would also have a strict cardio/exercise routine AND and very clean lean diet. No processed food, no sugar, low carb intake (especially white carbs and especially in the evening), good fats, very limited saturated/animal fat. No alcohol, no soft drinks, limited caffine intake, high protein intake….phew! I’m sure there’s more!

It’s doable. And it’s something I have been pondering for a while in reference to my own 6-pack.

I HAVE a 6-pack. We all do! It’s just that generally they come with stubby holders, and for some a whole esky of padding. I’m keen to test my own body (and willpower naturally!). How tough would it be and how strict would my diet need to be?

No…sorry to shatter anyones dreams, this is NOT me. YET… via pinterest

Okay what’s the point here? What I’m really banging on about is that you shouldn’t feel disheartened if you don’t have a ripped amazeballs stomach after 30 days. Persist after the 30 days. Start to incorporate more exercises, vary them, increase your cardiovascular time (even just walking). Mostly, take a look at your diet. Could you eat less processed or packaged food? Could you reach for a hard boiled egg or some almonds at 3pm instead of a coffee or biscuits? Could you reduce your alcohol, soft drink and fruit juice consumption?

Imagine Oprah Winfrey, Kelly Clarkson and Cameron Diaz all complete the challenge successfully. After 30 days they will all be stronger, all have tighter stomachs and all feel better about their bodies. Oprah won’t have a six pack. Neither will Kelly Clarkson. If you were lucky enough to see Cameron Diaz in a bikini, you’d probably see glimpses of those 6 muscles.

Here’s the simple truth. A 30 day ab challenge wont’ transform Oprah into Cameron, but it will transform Oprah into a sexier, healthier, happier Oprah. Whatever your starting point, it will do the same for you.

The booty I have. The abs..? A work in progress via pinterest
The booty I already have. The abs..? A work in progress
via pinterest


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