Fancy Friday!

Here we are once again Boys and Girls.

I truly hope you’ve had a mountain of fancy in your week.

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via pinterest

Mine’s had a reasonable sprinkling….

Milestones of loved ones

This week involved milestones for two people I love dearly. Firstly my Grandma celebrated her 80th birthday. Go G’ma! Then I got the long anticipated news that one of my closest friends brought into the world a beautiful baby boy. Both events left a big smile on my face, a warm fuzzy feeling inside and of course a very fancy feeling indeed.

The wonders of international communication

This one kinda leads on from above. I guess we all tend to take for granted our ability to jump on our phone and call or text a friend for their birthday or just to say hi. When you aren’t in the same country things can get tricky. Time zones, expensive international calls, lack of good roaming or wifi for using Skype. Luckily I happen to be on a fabulous phone plan that allows me to call internationally either free or at a low cost. Fancy, I know. So I was able to speak to both Grandma and my friend and wish them a huge congrats and love. So of course being able to speak with loved ones who are across the world makes me feel splendidly fancy.

Buffalo Mozzarella & beef steak tomatoes (fresh from the Saturday markets) 

I don’t know that I really need to explain this one. Fresh buffalo motza, gorgeous organic tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, cracked pepper and sea salt. Bliss. Fancy.

Being appreciated. And glitter, don’t forget the glitter!

I work on superyachts, but more about that in another post. On Saturday night our guests invited us to join them at a club in St Tropez. Schmick clubs aside, the appreciation and gratitude that they showed was what made the evening fancy. Oh and the glitter. Glitter was splashed everywhere. For little girls and grown up girls, glitter is always fancy.

Taking 5

It has been a busy BUSY week. In between all the chaos I’ve found a little fancy in taking 5 minutes for myself. Truly enjoying just being. Not thinking about what else is on my ‘To Do’ list; what needs to go onto that list or what I haven’t already done. Whether that has been with a cup of tea, a quiet moment first thing in the morning,  a delicious fresh coffee in the sunshine or a walk to the market. I feel fancy when I stop and take 5.

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Just before I wrap up, I must apologize for the lack of pics this week. As per the last point, busy week = lack of picture taking. I will let your imagination create beautiful images of buffalo mozzarella and fresh cups of coffee. Enjoy.


  1. Hmmm, it HAS been a bit FANCY this week here too… a stunning lunch @ Nomad in Surry Hills for the Handsome One’s birthday…fresh made haloumi I have discovered is so VERY fancy!! Nothin’ like store bought! X

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