Fancy Friday!

Another week has zipped by so quick I’m a bit dizzy.

Or maybe I’m dizzy from all the FANCY this week!

Hard to say really. Loads of fancy…allow me to share…

Foodie Finds!

Mr SpunkyGuts and I celebrated our anniversary with roses, lilies, peonies and dried apricots (he has a thing for the apricots) – all very fancy. Lets not forget the fancy dinner out. The place initially chosen by Mr SpunkyGuts was closed…doh! It was then decided to try Chez Lulu. Wowie! Was it ever fancy. We entered to find a quaint little space filled with miss-matched tables, chairs, crockery and a super friendly husband and wife team bursting with passion for what they do. They did it very well too. Chez Lulu has communal tables and a set menu offering entree, main and dessert. All home made, fresh, local, delicious, proper food. They bring out dishes to your table, family style and you have whatever you want. You can cut your own bread from the bread table, mains are ready and waiting for you AND there is a dessert table. The originality, slight quirkiness and fabulous atmosphere and food made for a splendidly fancy evening.

Expanding my mind

Reading makes me happy. Learning makes me happy. So you can imagine how the delivery of these books resulted  in a fancy feeling. Looking forward to reading in the sunshine 🙂

books to get the mind going
Books to get the mind going

The early bird catches the km’s

Just quietly I get that fancy feeling when I am up and out before everyone else is. Especially on a Sunday morning. There’s something so calming and grounding about being outside in the fresh new day air. The quiet kilometers covered as the sun rises and birds wake up definitely brought me some fancy.

“Good morning!”

An alternatives to the French baguette

French bread is quite fancy. However, it’s so delicious it can be difficult to stop at just once or twice a week, especially when you work with a Frenchman who “must have my baguette” every lunch time.  Unfortunately it’s predominately white flour that’s used too. I’ve talked about French bread here. My mission – to find a worthy alternative; aka make my own. This week I’ve trialed a recipe for gluten free bread, and I gotta say I did feel fancy when tucking into my delicious and nutritious creation at lunch time. It’s not perfect, but hey, no one ever said fancy was perfect?

Just one more…


Yep….I will have access to a Lorna store 20 minutes from me. FANCY! And possibly a little dangerous…

In case any French based Spunkies are keen for a Lorna hit, they will have a Pop-up store at Cap 3000 from June 2nd until September 13th 2014. In the mean time check out their stuff  HERE. Please note I am not paid to say this or promote Lorna Jane. I am just a very happy customer and have been for many years. However, if LJ did want to send anything my way, of course that would up the fancy. Just a bit 😉

Well. That’s my FANCY week wrapped up.

How did you bring fancy into your week? I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to!


  1. Jessica Cameron

    I made my week fancy by treating myself to ‘alone’ time. Managing to get out early in the morning and running a 3.2km loop. For me tha7ts a long way but boy do I feel better for it. 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary you two SpunkyGuts!! Love your posts Miss, they make me smile big 🙂 Sending love and all good stuff your way xo

  3. PS: Friday we saw John Waters perform, “Looking Through a Glass Onion”, the music and dialogue of John Lennon. Just John, his guitar, his mate on keyboard – fantastic. Definitely a fancy Friday night for us!!

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