Fancy Friday!

What have you done this week to bring a little Fancy to your life..?

Welcome to Fancy Friday.


Fancy Friday is a day where we take a look at the week that was and find the things that brought a little Fancy to your life. I’ll share with you, and of course I would love to hear about your Fancy ๐Ÿ˜€

So, this week…..


Ahhh the weather is warming up here, properly warming up. The days have been pretty glorious I gotta say – this has givenย me a bit of a Fancy feeling.

Bike exploration

I finally got to go for a decent ride on my new (bought second hand, but new for me) vintage style road bicycle. It’s old school, but that’s okay cause its a gem to ride. This ride resulted in a superb find. A massive national park. With tracks and lush trees, and water fountains. A new running spot = very Fancy.

Bert, taking a nap in the spare room.
Meet Bert. My new ‘old’ wheels

Delicious tea

Gosh I love a good cuppa. I’ve been on a hunt to find pure peppermint leaf tea here…without much luck. BUT, I did find a delicious Chinese-Green-Vanilla blend AND a Rooibos-Vervine-Mint concoction. Perfect. They did the trick just beautifully. So I have been enjoying wonderfully Fancy and healthy brews all week, and will continue to do so next week.

Tea time = Fancy time!


Getting my Yogi on

I’ve found a lovely place so I can get to regular Yoga classes. This makes me happy. I’m aiming to go as much as possible for the next month. All that stretching and breathing is bound to make anyone feel Fancy!

So as you can see Fancyย isn’t necessarily about big, amazing or lavish things. A lot of the time it’s the little things that make a big difference.

What’s made your week just a little bit Fancy?


  1. great post …love my weekend yoga

  2. Friday was also your anniversary, wasn’t it Spunky? Hopefully the flowers on the table, the new pot plant in the window of the yummy dinner at the quirky French restaurant were a little bit fancy. They were for me xxx

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