Health & Mindset Booster


 A 7-day fast-track mentoring to get you on track with your health and mindset. I provide you with the information, inspiration and truth so you can implement more healthful habits into your day, your week, your month and even your year (because….I’ll be there for you….Sorry, but how could I not?)


Over the 7 days I delve into topics such as…

  • Nutrition and food. Why “diets” suck and how to eat to support your health AND happiness
  • Exercise, movement and being active – why? Also, how…? How to start and keep going
  • Finding your motivation and setting PROPER goals – no more “I want to lose weight” – because we are all better than merely our weight!
  • The vicious cycle of negative emotional energy and poor self-worth  – we look at ways to get your zing back
  • Current health trends and fads – what are they about and do they matter
  • Finding balance in ALL areas of your life, taking the ‘hard’ out of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mindset

“The 7 day booster gave me the right tools to change my mindset and lifestyle! Each day I was given relatable, easy to understand and interesting information about nutrition, exercise, goal setting and motivation! And the recipes were delicious and so easy! The guidance and extra support offered throughout the 7 days was also superb! If you are looking for somewhere to start with your health and well-being this is it! Totally worth it”  – Megan

“The 7-Day Booster exceeded my expectations. Everything made so much sense and I loved the simplicity of it. There was no bullshit whatsoever and I freaking love it! Thanks SpunkyGuts!” – Melanie 

For an investment of $16.00 you receive an e-mail each day bursting with content and information

  • Consisting of a mixture of written and video
  • Access to e-mail support for the duration – I’m simply an e-mail away
  • Meal, snack and food ideas, tips for prep, recipes and tricks
  • A simple circuit work-out to get you moving and feeling inspired to exercise
  • Loads of truth bombs, facts and my own personal stories of health and mindset growth

“If you’re feeling crappy about your health, tired all the time and stressed out then this is for you. Give it a go and you will learn all about nutrition, food, exercise and at the end of the 7 days feel like you have it under control, and have the knowledge to make small changes to improving your health. Its very empowering!” – Hollie

“The 7-Day Booster is full of useful information, suggestions for getting started and great tips and tricks for staying on track.  It touches on all aspects of well being (nutrition, exercise and mindfulness) and provides you with simple tools to make this easier.  Whether you are just starting out and not sure where to start or have fallen off the wagon for a bit – the Booster is for you.”  – Mandi

This is a simple, realistic and practical place to start if you are feeling overwhelmed or confused about the direction of your current health. If you would like to see me chat about this check out the VIDEO BLOG HERE.

“The SpunkyGuts 7-Day Health & Mindset Booster is inspiring and motivating! The daily emails are exciting and got me eager to learn more about how to help myself feel better and become healthier.”  – Hayley