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Wednesday. Hump-day. Time for lunch?

Mid-week. Hump Day. It’s all down hill from here…so lets kick it off in the right way withΒ somethingΒ FUN! I’m very excited to team up with the ever Spunky Mr Mick Menzies from Food Man Chew to bring you something a little special. Mick is the master mind behind the Hump-day […]


WITH ADDED TESTOSTERONE? No, Miss Spunky hasn’t started taking hormone pills, nor has she grown a beard or developed a deep husky voice. This week’s edition of Fancy Friday is written by the testosterone wielding member of the SpunkyGuts couple, Mr SpunkyGuts (also known as Barney, who was born as […]

Butter versus margarine

Β Quite simply, I’m 100% in favour of butter. Pure, simple butter needing only two or three ingredients. Enjoy a bit on your sandwich. A little with Vegemite on toast or melted over some green veggies. Even in yummy baking recipes.