Tag: Gut Health

Gut Healing Peppermint Slice…How Nice!

Also affectionately known as “hot biscuit” slice. Let me explain… When my cousin was little…like…. barely at school little she asked her mum if she could have a “hot biscuit”. Naturally my sister and I were a little perplexed…what on earth was a “hot biscuit”….sounds exciting right? Well, I guess […]

Roasted Beet & Walnut Hummus

This dip is one to impress! While being super quick and easy to whip together, it’s a variation on my ever-loved Tangy Hummus. Making your own hummus and dips is not only completely achievable….it also means you know exactly what is in the final product – unlike many store varieties […]

Sneak Peak: GET SPUNKY Nutrition Guide

Did you know I have a Nutrition Guide here on SpunkyGuts..? Yep I sure do. It’s all about guiding you to feel your most spunky, vibrant best – how good does that sound? I take you through 5 days of food with a real focus on gut health and liver […]