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Gut Healing Peppermint Slice…How Nice!

Also affectionately known as “hot biscuit” slice. Let me explain… When my cousin was little…like…. barely at school little she asked her mum if she could have a “hot biscuit”. Naturally my sister and I were a little perplexed…what on earth was a “hot biscuit”….sounds exciting right? Well, I guess […]

Cacao-Mousse Tart

This is so bloody delicious! (If I do say so myself! Ha!) And….I should point out (if you missed the memo re “SpunkyGuts”) it’s a nourishing version of such a delectable dessert. Yep – this lovely tart doesn’t contain refined sugar (and if you’re a sugar-free ninja you could totally […]

A last minute recipe!

Why? Because everyone’s busy… …there’s Christmas parties, family gatherings and festive cheer to be had. Moments of “oh…what can I quickly whip up to impress..??” are common, am I right? Because some lovely ladies asked for it. Because its delicious, easy, pretty healthy and impressive. Because you can impress the […]