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The smartest $25 I have ever spent

The Road ID Backstory. While out training for a marathon, a young Edward Wimmer was almost squashed by big black SUV. After his close encounter, Edward and his father Mike started Road ID in their basement. In the 15 years since then, people the world over proudly wear Road ID, […]


WITH ADDED TESTOSTERONE? No, Miss Spunky hasn’t started taking hormone pills, nor has she grown a beard or developed a deep husky voice. This week’s edition of Fancy Friday is written by the testosterone wielding member of the SpunkyGuts couple, Mr SpunkyGuts (also known as Barney, who was born as […]

Fancy Friday!

It’s Friday already?! That in it’s self is pretty fancy I think.Β  It’s been quite a week. It feels as though it’s been super busy, but I still enjoyed cups of tea, reading, writing, napping and eating well. Which brings me to my firstΒ fancy…