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Sneak Peak: GET SPUNKY Nutrition Guide

Did you know I have a Nutrition Guide here on SpunkyGuts..? Yep I sure do. It’s all about guiding you to feel your most spunky, vibrant best – how good does that sound? I take you through 5 days of food with a real focus on gut health and liver […]

Cacao-Mousse Tart

This is so bloody delicious! (If I do say so myself! Ha!) And….I should point out (if you missed the memo re “SpunkyGuts”) it’s a nourishing version of such a delectable dessert. Yep – this lovely tart doesn’t contain refined sugar (and if you’re a sugar-free ninja you could totally […]

INTERVIEW: Let’s Chat Hormones Ladies….With Kasey Willson

Kasey Willson was kind enough to join me for a chat all about hormones! In this interview we cover… What having balanced hormones actually means Common signs and symptoms that your hormones might need some extra support How to give them that support Common hormone disrupting things, foods, practices, house-hold […]