Okay, I Think We’re Done Here!

Done with 2016 that is. Holy shitballs it’s been a big one hasn’t it? A tough one..? A challenging one perhaps? Yep, I hear you. For me personally it’s been full of unpleasant stuff and all of the lessons. Like…freakin’ all of them! I made a decision earlier in the […]

Exercise & Weight-loss – The Truth

I just wanted to share some thoughts with you….perhaps you’ll find it insightful and motivating, perhaps you’ll find it offensive, perhaps you’ll think I’m bat-shit crazy. Perhaps you’ll wonder what I ate for lunch (leftovers FIY – it was just as delicious second time round, thanks for wondering). I find […]

Exercise: 10 Tips To Getting Started…and Keeping Going

Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness and health journey, or perhaps you’re an old hand, these are some little tips and reminders that we can all benefit from. The hardest part is starting… It really is. However, once you do start you’ve already achieved a fantastic goal – […]