I Want My Energy Back! When Yeast Runs The Show

I’ll be totally honest….I’ve been struggling a bit recently. But, I am FINALLY starting to get a bit of my zing back, my energy and motivation for…um…you know – life. Not that I’ve been specifically unwell or dealing with any major stress – but I have been really out of sorts […]

Stop With The Numbers!….A Rant.

Grab a cuppa….we need to chat. Firstly….I’m saying this because I care. Because you’re worth more than you may think, your wellbeing is at the forefront of my mind – always. That’s why I show up here. Secondly, I’m saying this because things need to change. Immediately. I’ve been really […]

PROTEIN POWDER: Should I use one?

  So…protein powders. We’ve all heard about them, perhaps some of you use them. Or perhaps you believe they are only for the hard-core gym goers and the beefy dudes who throw heavy weights around. While this is true to a certain extent I think they’re excellent and can be […]

HOW TO: Home-brew Kombucha

I LOVE making my own Kombucha! It’s honestly so easy and its way cheaper than always buying it. Check out the video for all my handy hints and tips so you can get brewing today! 

My Name is Erin, and I don’t practice what I preach…

Well…Here we go, time I got down and dirty with my own bullshit….   If this resonated with you let me know either in the comments or pop me a quick e-mail (erin@spunkyguts.com). Perhaps you’ve got friends who would totally get this….hit the social share below and let Facebook do […]