Ohhh….you want icing too..?

Fair enough, it is the best bit. Enter… Chocolate mousse icing! This icing is something I came up with while throwing what I had on hand into a bowl and hoping for the best. And Oh Em Gee, it turned out pretty darn good. SO good, that I would say […]

Cake? Everybody loves CAKE!

…especially Chocolate cake.  …especially HEALTHY chocolate cake. Wait. What? Healthy chocolate cake..? Yep, you got it. Healthy enough that I would be completely fine letting you have it for breakfast. Cake for breakfast. What an absolute winner!

Complete A Half Marathon. TICK!

As you can expect I’m feeling pretty chuffed (and puffed…Ha!) and very proud of myself.  Rightly so you might say, “that’s a long way to run!”  Yes, it is. A half marathon is 21.1 km, 13.1 miles or 83 laps around a running track. Funnily enough, on reflection what I […]