Fancy Friday!

Fancy Friday – it’s a thing. Jump on it! Now! Well, sharing is caring so I am going to share my fancy with you. This week has been one of those weeks…I’ve had to dig deep and look a little harder for the fancy. Yep. I am human, and some […]

30 Day Ab Challenge – goes viral on Facebook

I have a six-pack. Don’t you…? I have been intrigued by something that has exploded on Facebook; The 30-day Ab Challenge. I haven’t signed up, accepted the invitation or whatever it is you do. However I have been fascinated by the huge number of people (including my FB friends) looking for […]

Fancy Friday!

Here we are once again Boys and Girls. I truly hope you’ve had a mountain of fancy in your week. Mine’s had a reasonable sprinkling….

For those of you who were wondering…

Definition of spunky in English: spunky Line breaks: spunky Pronunciation: /ˈspʌŋki ADJECTIVE (spunkier, spunkiest) • informal Courageous and determined:a spunky performance chiefly Australian Sexually attractive:a top chick with a spunky boyfriend courtesy of

Fancy Friday!

Another week has zipped by so quick I’m a bit dizzy. Or maybe I’m dizzy from all the FANCY this week! Hard to say really. Loads of fancy…allow me to share…