Fancy Friday!

It’s Friday already?! That in it’s self is pretty fancy I think.  It’s been quite a week. It feels as though it’s been super busy, but I still enjoyed cups of tea, reading, writing, napping and eating well. Which brings me to my first fancy…

The 30 day ab challenge – why I quit

Or rather…why I chose to stop participating. Quit is a strong word, most commonly with negative connotations. I didn’t quit the 30 Day Ab Challenge because I couldn’t be bothered with it, I quit because I disliked the program. Ok, I did struggle with parts of the program, which is partly […]

Fancy Friday!

 Put on your Fancy Pants.  It’s Fancy Friday time 😀 Let’s get straight into it. There’s a lot to cover.

Eczema SUCKS!!!

It sure does. I know this because I deal with it on a day to day basis.  I get the nasty stuff on my hands and occasionally in the outer corner of my eyes. It’s not nice. It’s surprising how long you put up with something thinking ‘that’s just how it is‘. […]

Today I got fired. Yes, fired.

This is something NEW. I’ve never been fired before. It’s very surreal. Mixed emotions is an understatement. First up….I didn’t do anything wrong, naughty or criminal. I just wasn’t right for the job. Perhaps ‘let go” is a better way to put it? Nah…I like fired, it has more feeling to […]