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Did you know I have a Nutrition Guide here on SpunkyGuts..? Yep I sure do. It’s all about guiding you to feel your most spunky, vibrant best – how good does that sound? I take you through 5 days of food with a real focus on gut health and liver support. 

The food is both nutritious AND pretty darn tasty – why wouldn’t it be? This guide is proof that eating in a nutritious way does not have to be lacking in flavor. Oh…and it’s all simple, easy to follow and uses common ingredients – no need to stock up on organic, dolphin friendly, guru-blessed water from the moon (Because that’s for special occasions only*).

Too often we can get caught up in the roller-coaster of life and we need a little guidance and help to get back on track with the food we put into our bodies. You know, so we feel more energetic, clear and focused and ….happier! Plus, it’s nice to get a different perspective of putting meals together – a bit of fresh inspiration. You can use this guide as a re-set, as a focused plan for a certain length of time, as inspiration for your weekly meals or perhaps as some quick go-to recipes for the whole family.

My gal Mel did the Nutrition Guide and here’s what she had to say about it…. (sucks….make a girl blush!)

The Get Spunky Nutrition Guide was amazing! The guide was easy to follow and full of fresh easy ideas and meals. All of the meals were super filling, I was never hungry and rarely needed any snacks. My fave SpunkyGuts thing ever is the “throw-it-all-in-pesto”  – God that stuff is good! 

SpunkyGuts has taught me so much about nutrition and well-being – all of the info is so valuable and was easy to implement into my everyday life. I even managed to drop a couple of kilos! But what’s even better is how I feel – motivated, light and refreshed. By making a few simple changes to my diet and implementing the SpunkyGuts practices I’m working towards my goal of a happier & better me! Once again, thank-you so much SpunkyGuts!

Also this from Sue B on the private Facebook Group (yep…we have a private one for the Get Spunky Guide – it’s where the cool kids hangout!)

Okay Erin, I’m convinced…my energy levels and skin just leapt up the scale. The recipes are really good! 

I want to share with you 2 recipes that I LOVE from the recipe guide (actually…I am rather fond of all the recipes). What makes this guide so unique is that each recipe has a video component to walk you through it step by step, plus the usual written copy.

Creamy Tuna/Salmon Cups


 Liver-Lovin’ Stir-Fry


I’d love to help you to Get Spunky and give your Gut and Liver some lovin’ – I’ll be honest my main motivation for doing this is totally selfish.

Yep – it’s all about me (what a douche…is that what your currently thinking…? Yep – I’m a mind reader too). What I mean is that I know just how fabulous you can feel when you’re eating in this way and I want everyone to feel like a freakin’ superstar! For me now that I know just how stable my energy can be, clear my skin can get, bright my eyes shine, happy and positive I am, how much my sleep improves and good my digestion can be….I’m not really interested in feeling any other way. Also, I clearly get pretty gung-ho and inspired about helping others ( to feel like this too.

So, I apologize for being so darn passionate (actually I don’t – I’m owning that shit like it’s no-ones business!). If my enthusiasm makes you squirm then I have no doubt you can find someone with waayy less fist pumping passion. But for now – I’m going to be here cheering you on as you Get Spunky!

If you would like to know more about the Get Spunky Nutrition Guide you can CLICK HERE (you can also sign up via that page). Of course if you have any questions, concerns or want to know how my cat is today just flick me an e-mail (

Here’s to getting spunky like its 2017! (because it is – now is the time baby!)

Should you feel called to….I’d love for you to share this with your awesome friends on social media – the more people that are feeling spunky….the less we have to encounter unhappy, dreary chaps in our day-to-day life. Yep – be that annoyingly cheerful, positive person…..they’re less annoying when you are one!

*this is a joke**

**or is it….

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