Because It’s Christmas & I’m Feeling Extra Festive….A GIFT for YOU!

Well whaddya know…I wrote a bloody eBook. And I think you may just enjoy it. So in the spirit of Christmas and all that, I thought I should bring your attention to it.

Please focus attention to this picture (below)…

eBook Cover 2015

You can get this baby for FREE just by signing up to SpunkyGuts. Easy as. Click on the picture to do exactly that.

I know what you’re thinking….giving out your personal e-mail is a BIG deal. It’s on par with buying your first house or an indoor plant. I know. I get it. Big time commitment.

HOWEVER…you may never fear for your inbox being inundated with rubbish from yet another internet thing (half of which you can’t even remember signing up to right?). Here at SpunkyGuts I promise to only send out emails when there is an actual point in doing so. Like when I write an exceptionally hilarious post, or if I need some moral (virtual?) support, or when I have a car to give away to my loyal fans (just like Oprah but via e-mail!).

But seriously, no bullshit in your inbox. Promise.

Hope you enjoy the eBook, feel free to let me know what you think. I love to hear your thoughts. I’d also love to know what you got for Christmas, if you’re doing anything fun for New Years, and the weirdest food you ever ate.

Have a very Spunky Christmas!


  1. Bloody LOVE it! No bullshit! Keep me coming Erin, you’re inspiring me 🙂

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