Fancy Friday! Solar cats & DOMS

Well. Here we are again Spunky guys and gals.

” ‘scuse my french…” but I think this is quite fitting for a Fancy Friday 🙂 Pic via Pinterest

I hope your week has been oh so fabulous. Mines been pretty good, and these are the things that sparked some fancy…

That DOMS feeling

Ah DOMS….such a love hate relationship. Let me explain. DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is when you pull up sore from a work out a day or so after the exercise actually occurred. It’s your bodies way of reminding you that you worked your butt off a couple of days ago. And, that perhaps its time to do it again. Personally, I love that sore muscle feeling. When it hurts to get out of bed, sit on the loo or (god forbid!) climb a flight of stairs. So for me, DOMS are fancy 😉

Now…who is that Spunky man..? Pic via my computer

Cats basking in the sunshine

If you ask me cats have got it all worked out. Just watch them on a sunny day. They find a comfy position (although cats have knack for making most positions look comfy), shut their eyes and soak up the sunshine. The Italian street cats made me smile while I watched them basking in the glorious sunshine this morning. Their happy cat faces made me feel fancy.

Pic via pinterest

Me basking in the sunshine

I’m a copy cat. Literally. As per previous paragraph, I took a leaf out of the feline ‘Things To Do Today’ book. I found a sunny, sheltered spot, sat down got comfy, closed my eyes and soaked up all that warm vitamin D. Deliciously fancy don’t you think? Go on, try it.

 Chilly morning walks

Goodness me the season has well and truly changed here in Italy. Winter is here. Now, I’m not really a fan of the cold. The cold gives me blue lips and icy hands (Blue lips are never a good look on anyone really are they?). But I must confess to enjoying a brisk walk on a fresh morning (rugged up of course) filling my lungs with fresh crispy air and breathing out fog. This makes me happy. And fancy. Oh and lets not forget the nice bit of exercise too, all those endorphins….fancy.

Brrrrrrr pic via pinterest

Oh yeah…..Happy Halloween Spunkies!


This has been a very cat orientated post. Not done intentionally, promise….

Enjoy your week-end!

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  1. Haha you and your blue lips!! Always a tell tale sign that its cold out!

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